Psychology Timeline Project

By av9361
  • Prenatal Development and Birth

    I was born this day during a terrible snowstorm. I was the first born child for my parents Lina and Dax Patel and weighed 6 pounds and 12 ounces.
  • First Two Years-Biosocial

    I am able to sit up on my own without any support.
  • First Two Years-Cognitive

    I say my first word "mama."
  • First Two Years-Biosocial

    I start walking for the first time.
  • First Two Years-Psychosocial

    I use the toilet on my own for the first time.
  • Play Years-Biosocial

    While watching television I lost my first tooth, an incisor.
  • Play Years-Cognitive

    My family and I move to Canton, Michigan. I start first grade at Hoben Elementary School.
  • Middle Childhood-Psychosocial

    I am bullied by my classmate Anna. After dropping a pencil and getting kicked by her I tell my mom and teacher. We are separated and not allowed to be placed in the same third grade class. Anna and I do not have any further problems with one another.
  • Play Years-Psychosocial

    I start creating stereotypic ideas of sex differences and acting out roles as a homemaker during play time.
  • Middle Childhood-Biosocial

    I am diagnosed with beta thalassemia minor a blood condition responsible for my mild anemia and fatigue.
  • Middle Childhood-Cognitive

    I start sixth grade at Pioneer Middle School.
  • Adolescence-Cognitive

    At Discovery Middle School I started learning my second language, Spanish.
  • Adolescence-Biosocial

    I undergo a height spurt around this time and grow four inches.
  • Adolescence-Psychosocial

    I go on my first date with soon to be first boyfriend, Shyam at Mongolian Barbeque in Dearborn, Michigan.
  • Emerging Adulthood-Cognitive

    I graduate from Salem High School and head off to college at Wayne State University to study biology.
  • Emerging Adulthood-Psychosocial

    My relationship with Shyam ends after two years. I begin dating Peter who I met in college.
  • Emerging Adulthood-Biosocial

    I get very sick at school and have to return home. After many tests, I am diagnosed with Celiac disease and must follow a very strict gluten free diet for the rest of my life.
  • Adulthood-Cognitive

    I return to Wayne State University to study to become a physician's assistant.
  • Adulthood-Psychosocial

    After Peter and I split up I meet Rick. We date for a while and I get married to him on this date.
  • Adulthood-Biosocial

    My first and only child with Rick is born. We name her Mena.
  • Late Adulthood-Cognitive

    My memory starts to give so I must keep reminders around the house and have family members keep track of things for me.
  • Late Adulthood-Psychosocial

    I retire from being a physician assistant.
  • Late Adulthood-Biosocial

    My eyesight begins to worsen and I must get bifocal glasses to help see. I am also diagnosed with osteoporosis and cadiovascular disease during my annual physical.
  • Death and Dying

    I pass away in my sleep at the age of 98. My body is cremated and ashes are given to Mena to keep.