By ryancm1
  • Birthday

    I was born after being 3 weeks overdue and my mom in labor for over 24 hours via C-section (Biosocial)
  • Seperation

    My parents seperated for the final time. (Psychosocial)
  • Birthday

    First Birthday (Biosocial)
  • Dad leaves

    My Dad leave my life. My mom had given him a choice between his substance abuse and seeing me. (Psychosocial)
  • Dance Classes

    My mom enrolls me in dance to help with my feet and give me kids my age to spend tme with.
  • Moving

    My mom bought a house, moving us from our small apartment into the same house she grew up in. (Biosocial and Psychosocial)
  • Kindergarten

    First day of Kindergarten (Cognitive, Psychosocial)
  • Family

    My Aunt and her two children move into my Mom's house (Psychosocial)
  • Car Accident

    My mom is in a huge car accident right before Christmas. (Cognitive)
  • Dating

    My mom starts a serious relationshp. I met this one and everything. (Psychosocial)
  • Moving

    My Aunt remarries and moves out with her kids. (Psychosocial)
  • Engagement

    My mom gets engaged to my soon to be stepdad. (Psychosocial)
  • Marriage

    My mom and stepdad get married. (Pyschosocial)
  • Sister

    My little sister Emily is born (Psychosocial)
  • Negative Remarks

    Once of my dance teachers sees my baby sister for the first time and asks me in front of everyone one why I am not as cute as she is. While I get it might have been a joke, not funny to the nine year old who just became an older sibling. (Psychosocial, Cognitive)
  • End of Dance Career

    I am pulled out of dance by my mom when she decides that I must not be having fun with it anymore. (Biosocial, Psychosocial)
  • Glasses

    After telling my mom and stepdad for a while that I cannot see, they finally take me to get glasses. (Biosocial)
  • Contacts!

    Finally get contacts! (Biosocial)
  • First Boyfriend

    My first serious boyfriend, Kenny. (Cognitive, Psychosocial)
  • High School

    Entered high school as a freshman. Put into a lot of advanced classes. (Psychosocial, Cognitive)
  • Drug Issues

    Find out my boyfriend is smking pot, this will be an ongoing issue for the rest of our relationship. (Psychosocial)
  • Teacher Trouble

    My english teacher was on maternity leave. I wrote a short story and turned it in to the sub. She accuses me of having my older cousin that stays with us on the weekends write it uses the phrase 'I'm not telling you to dumb it down but I am not sure you wrote this and it should be written again'. The entire class makes her cry while defending me. I begin to recieve AP English level work. (Psychosocial, Cognitive)
  • Parental Issues

    Kenny (the boyfriend) has parental issues when his parents are sentanced to jail due to drug related issues. (Psychosocial)
  • Depression

    Discover that I have issues with depression that will lead to numerous different psych meds and therapy sessions. (Psychosocial, Cognitive)
  • New Year

    May or may not have called my mom from a party while intoxicated to check in as directed. (Biosocial, Cognitive)
  • Drivers Ed

    Take Drivers Training finally. (Psychosocial, Cognitive)
  • End of relationship

    Kenny and I end our relationship due to extreme differences related to drug use. (Psychosocial)
  • First Job

    Hostess at Lonestar (Biosocial)
  • Dating

    Start dating Jeremy, a much older, drug loving individual. I am still analyzing why I did this one. (Psychosocial)
  • Graduation

    Graduate 33rd in my class of over 500 students. (Psychosocial)
  • Birthday

    I turn 18! (Biosocial, Psychosocial)
  • Marriage

    Jeremy wanted to move back to Texas, he wanted me to come with him. My mom consents as long as we are married. So we get married. (Psychosocial)
  • Home

    I come home after Jeremy continues to use drugs and not find work. (Psychosocial, Cognitive)
  • New Interest

    I start dating Les. It was not supposed to be a serious relationship. Just for fun. (Cognitive, Psychosocial)
  • Pregnancy

    Find out I am pregnant. (Biosocial)
  • Finalized

    Divorce is finalized. (Psychosocial)
  • Moving

    Move into an apartment. (Biosocial, Psychosocial)
  • Baby

    Lillian is born after an emergency c-section. (Biosocial, Psychosocial)
  • First Birthday!

    Lillian turns one. We discuss future children. (Biosocial)
  • New Sibling

    FInd out I am pregnant again. (Biosocial)
  • New Baby

    Perry AnnRose is born finally. (Biosocial)
  • New Student

    Enroll at Schoolcraft to futher my education. (Biosocial, Psychosocial, Cognitive)
  • Done with School

    Finish school to be a medical assistant. (Biosocial, Psychosocial)
  • Marriage

    Les and I get married after 2 kids and 5 years together. (Psychosocial)
  • New Job

    Start with a major health system as a medical assistant. (Psychosocial)
  • Kindergarten

    Lillian is in kindergarten! (Biosocial, Psychosocial)
  • New Home

    We close on our new home. (BIosocial, Psychosocial)
  • School for me

    After a long discussion with my husband, we decide that I can start school again to get my BSN. (Psychosocial, Cognitive)
  • It starts

    I start taking classes online for school. (Psychosocial)
  • New Job

    After leaving my current hospital's ambulatory site, I start a new job with a different hospital system. (Biosocial an Psychosocial)
  • New Baby

    I find out I am expectig. This will be our last baby. (Biosocial, Psychosocial)
  • Madonna

    I start at Madonna to take the last three classes before I can take the nursing entrance exam. (Cognitive)
  • Nursing Exam

    I take and pass the nursing enterance exam for Madonna. I can start in the fall. (Cognitive)
  • New Baby

    We have our final baby. My husband has a vasectomy a week later. (Biosocial, Psychosocial and Cognitive)
  • I am a nurse!

    After a lot of work and several years, I am a nurse! (Cognitive, Psychosocial)
  • Kindergarten

    My youngest starts school. (Psychosocial, Cognitive)
  • Moving

    Now that my kids are older, the oldest is 15. We decide it is time to move and sell our home that we have lived in for over 10 years. (Biosocial and Psychosocial)
  • Lillian Graduates

    My oldest child graduates from High School. She will be going to college in the fall. (Psychosocial, Cognitive)
  • Perry Graduates

    Perry graduates from High School (Cognitice, Psychosocial)
  • Health

    My husband is diagnosed with diabetes. This is not unexpected since it runs in his family. (Biosocial, Cognitive)
  • Les's Mom

    After battling serious lung related issues for a very long time, Les' mom gets very sick and doe not survive. (Cognitive, Psychosocial)
  • My Mom

    My mom passes away due to complications from her polycythemia vera. She did not take care of herself the way she should have. (Cognitive, Psychosocial)
  • Perry graduates College

    Perry graduates from College with a degree in teaching. (Psychosocial)
  • Youngest Graduates

    My youngest child graduates from High School. (Psychosocial)
  • Lillian gets married

    Lillian marries. (Psychosocial)
  • Lillian Graduates College

    Lillian graduates with a degree in medicine (Psychosoial)
  • Perry gets married

    Perry marries.
  • My Dad

    My Dad (stepdad) has a heart attack and does not survive. Based on his diet and stress levels, it was not unexpected. (Cognitive and Psychosocial)
  • Diagnosis

    I am diagnosed with cancer. This is not a suprise since several relatives on my side have had cancer. (Cognitive, Biosocial)
  • Last Day

    It is my final Chemo treatment. (Biosocial)
  • Return

    I find out that the cancer has returned. I take a cue from my grandmother who decided against a second round of treatment. I decide to allow it to progress. This causes some conflict with my family. (Cognitive, Biosocial, Psychosocial)
  • Death

    I pass away at the age of 65 from complications from cancer. (Biosocial)