Prophet Mohammed (saw) Timeline 1-8 AH

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  • Jan 1, 622

    The Prophet Muhammad's Hijra

    The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) called the Mecca people and invited them to Islam. The Macca people also stood by when Quraysh faced them with harassment. At that time the prophet Muhammad (SAW) realized that Quraysh had made a Smart plot to kill him so he placed Hazart’ Ali in his bed to sleep and that night the prophet (SAW) left Mecca to hide in a cave then migrated to Medina. that time a new page was introduced to the history of Islam was opened because of the hijrah of the Prophet (SAW).
  • Mar 18, 622

    The Prophets First Mosque

    the first thing the prophet did when he migrated to madeenah was build his hedquarters which was a Masjed. Medina, in Saudi Arabia,houses Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi, the Prophet’s Mosque.This mosque is the second holiest site in Islam after the Kaba and the Sacred Mosque in Mecca.It was built after the hijra from Mecca to Medina in 622.Many Muslims performing the hajj will try to go visit this holy mosque as well. The focus of this post, the second in a series on important sites,is the Prophet's Mosque
  • Jan 1, 623

    The Battle Of Badr

    The first battle the involved the non-Muslims and the Muslims took place at a valley between Makkah and Medina called Badr. it took place in the second year of Hijrah. There was approximately one thousand equipped non-believers and the Muslims were around only one third of them and they did not have the equipment they needed for war although fortunately for the Muslims they were presented with a bright victory. It is said that in this particular battle, about seventy non-believers were killed
  • Feb 17, 625

    Battle of Uhud

    In 625, the Muslims of Madinah learned a difficult lesson during the Battle of Uhud. When attacked by an invading army from Makkah, it initially looked like the small group of defenders would win the battle. But at a key moment, some fighters disobeyed orders and left their posts out of greed and pride, ultimately causing the Muslim army a crushing defeat. It was a trying time in the history of Islam.
  • Mar 23, 625

    The Battle Of Uhud

    The Battle of Uhud was an extension of the Battle of Badr. Smarting under theignominy of their defeat at Badr, the Quraish of Makkah assembled a large armyof 3,000 persons, and marched to Madina to avenge their defeat at Badr. Theforce was led by Abu Sufyan. The force included every adult among the Quraish.The force was fully equipped with war weapons. The force was accompanied bya considerable number of women. They sang songs to inspire the warriors. Theysaid that if the Quraish won the battle,
  • Mar 31, 627

    Battle of Khandaq

    The Khandaq battle was the one of the 3rd battles that was declared by the Arab nonbelievers against Prophet Mohammed (SWA). Another thing is that it was also one of the last battle under the leadership of the Makkah people. The non-believers were completely equipped with their forces and they had all of the man power making it a very intense battle.
  • Mar 18, 628

    Treaty of Hudaibiyyah

    Treaty of Hudabiyyah click on link for info.

    Treaty of Hudabiyyah
  • Feb 18, 629

    Battle of Khaybar

    In the battle of Khaybar the Prophet lead the Muslims to defeating the tribes in Khaybar. Slowly because of the prophet's organization and strategies he ended up easily taking over Khaybar and in the end taking over the whole Arabi area. Without his smart plans and skills it wouldn't be possible, this wouldn't be possible. Khaybar was taken over and the jew tribes were moved out, the en were killed, and the women and children were taken as slaves etc. So overallm the battle of khaybar wasa succe
  • Jun 8, 632

    Prophet Muhammed's Death

    After the prophet (SAW) won and has deffeated the enemy he live for one more year then passed away.
  • Mar 12, 640


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