The War of 1812

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    The war of 1812

  • Madison takes office

    Madison takes office
    1. Tension with Britain was high
    2. Britain armed Native Americans
    3. Henry Clay and Jhon c. Calhoun became leaders in the House of Representatives
    4. Clay and Calhoun were eager for war with Britain
    5. Many new Englanders thought war with Britain would harm American trade
  • War Hawks take power

    War Hawks take power
    1. Wanting to invade Canada 2.Expected Canadians to welcome the chance to throw off British rule
    2. July 1812 American troops invaded Canada
    3. Hull feared himself he didnt have enough troops.
    4. They thought that Canada should have been conqured in the Revolutionary War. 5.
  • Relations with Great Britain Worsen

    Relations with Great Britain Worsen
    1. Britain told United States they would keep impressing sailors.
    2. Native Americans in the Northwest began attacks on fronteir settlements
    3. In June congress declared war on Britain
    4. British supplied Native Americas guns 5.Stop shipments with Britain
    5. Continued trade with France
  • Congress declares war on britain

    Congress declares war on britain
    1. Britain was still at war in Europe
    2. America was not prepared
    3. America had 7,000 men for the war
    4. Britain set up a blockade of the america coast
    5. By 1814 British Navy had 135 warships
  • America was not ready for war

    America was not ready for war
    1. New nation
    2. Didnt have a strong nation
    3. New England didnt want to have the war
    4. New England didnt want extra land so they would loose power
    5. Navy only had 16 warships
  • Britain Bloclades American Ports

    Britain Bloclades American Ports
    1. Srtategy was to attack the nation capital
    2. Britain marched into Washington D.C.
    3. British set fire to several goverment buildings 4.American army couldnt defend Britain 5.Scott key watched the britain now attack Baltiomore
  • Invasion of Canada

    Invasion of Canada
    1. United States Canada used to be peacefull
    2. War hawks were eager to invade 3.Troops were led by Hull
    3. British commander was Brock
    4. America surrendered
  • USS constitution scores a victory

    USS constitution scores a victory
    1. defeated the British warship
    2. Nicknamed the constitution "Old Ironsides"
    3. Sea battle
    4. Constitution fired a barrage that tore off both of the Guerrire masts.
  • Battle of Lake Erie

    Battle of Lake Erie
    1. Coast of Ohio
    2. U.S. defeated British
    3. This ensured American control of Lake Erie for the Rest of the war
    4. Battle of Put-in Bay 5.
  • Battle of Thames

    Battle of Thames
    1. British and Native Americans allies retreated
    2. The Americans under General William Harrison pursued them
    3. They followed the British into Canada 4.defeating them in the Battle
    4. Tecumseh was among those who were dead
  • Horeshoe Bend

    Horeshoe Bend
    1. Native Americans sufferd defeat in South
    2. Summer 1813 Creek warriors attacked American settlements
    3. Andrew Jackson defeated the creeks at the Battle of Horeshoe Bend
    4. The Treaty that ended the fighting forced the creeks to give up milions of aereas of land
  • Wahington D.C attaked and burned

    Wahington D.C attaked and burned
    1. Britain invaded
    2. President Maddison's wife gatherd important papers and left
    3. Britain set fire to many government buildings 4.British commander demanded to burn only public buildings
  • Attack on Baltimore

    Attack on Baltimore
    1. First British was Fort McHenry
    2. British warships bombarded the fort
    3. Key saw the Merican Flag still hanging
    4. Americans had beaten off the attack
    5. Key wrote a poem that is now the United States anthem
  • Writing the Star Spangled Banner

    Writing the Star Spangled Banner
    1. Writen by 35 yearl old lawyer
    2. Now a national anthem
    3. Was a poem
    4. Noticed the flag was still rising
    5. Key was a poet
  • treaty of ghent

    treaty of ghent
    1. 2 sides sighned the treaty of ghent
    2. war ended 3 the treaty returned things to the way they had been before the war
    3. news took several weeks to get to america
    4. 2 sides fought one more battle
    5. American forces won
  • Hardford Convention

    Hardford Convention
    1. Group of federalists met in Hartford Connecticut
    2. though that the New Englan sates should secede from the United States.
    3. delegates debated 4.News of peace treaty arrived
    4. with the war over, Hardford convention quickly ended
  • Batlle of New Orleans

    Batlle of New Orleans
    1. Final major battle
    2. United States invaded and won
    3. greates American land victory of the whole war
    4. American forces were commaded by Andrew Jackson