Domestic Robot Timeline

Timeline created by SoLaR_KEY13
  • Sewing Machine

    Sewing Machine
    The first functional sewing machine was invented by the French tailor, Barthelemy Thimonnier, in 1830. Thimonnier machine used only one thread and a hooked needle that made the same chain stitch used with embroidery.
  • Power Vacuum

    Power Vacuum
    This Power Vacuum was made in 1869 by: Hubert Cecil Booth. This machine ran on gasoline.
  • First iron

    First iron
    The first Iron was made in 1882 in china and it was made by: Henry W. Seeley. The iron was electric and you needed water for it to iron your clothes.
  • First electric motor Washing Machine

    First electric motor Washing Machine
    The earliest washing "machine" was the scrub board invented in 1797. American, James King patented the first washing machine to use a drum in 1851, the drum made King's machine resemble a modern machine, however it was still hand powered.
  • RL500

    This robot extend outside the homes, too.This Robot mowers your lawn automatically and it has a rechargeable battery.
  • iRobot Roomba 980

    iRobot Roomba 980
    While we aren’t living in any sky-rise Jetsons apartments just yet, home automation has come long away since its humble beginnings. Dishwashers have eased the tedious task of hand-washing dishes, dryers have practically killed the clothesline, and when was the last time you saw someone actually change the channel by hand.
  • Litter Robot – automatic self-cleaning litter box

    Litter Robot – automatic self-cleaning litter box
    What do you call a robot that automatically changes your cat litter? How about the Litter Robot? This aptly-named product comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate every kitty. Unfortunately, the Litter Robot hasn’t actually figured out how to make cat poop disappear. This kitty porta potty automatically changes the litter and dumps the solids into a waste basket
  • Swash – express clothing care system

    Swash – express clothing care system
    How often do you go to the dry cleaners? With the Swash, you can bring that number down to practically zero. It refreshes clothes with a “precision misting” and a “rapid thermal drying” process. It works on fabrics that are too delicate to put in a washing machine, such as cashmere or lace, and removes odor and wrinkles in about 10 minutes.
  • iRobot Braava jet 240 – mopping robot

    iRobot Braava jet 240 – mopping robot
    No other company detests household chores more than iRobot. The people who waged a war against vacuuming have also designed a few other products to take on tasks like pool cleaning, gutter clearing, and mopping. The iRobot Braava jet 240 takes the hassle out of hardwood floors, for instance. The Bravva navigates around furniture and other household items in a similar fashion to Roomba vacuums, and mops your floor while doing so.
  • Boston Dynamics SpotMini

    Boston Dynamics SpotMini
    We’re close to saying goodbye to chores such as vacuuming, mopping, dry cleaning, and lawn mowing thanks to current technology, but what’s next? Will we ever have a robotic butler that can handle emptying out the dishwasher? Maybe. The SpotMini from Boston Dynamics is getting better at being a butler. Of course, this robotic dog isn’t quite ready for the real world yet.