Phoenicia Timeline

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In History
  • 4000 BCE

    Founding of Phoenicia

    They found the first city, Sidon
  • Period: 4000 BCE to 3000 BCE


    Trade contact between Ancient Phoenicia and Ancient Egypt
  • Period: 2900 BCE to 2300 BCE

    The Settlement of Baalbek

    This was the first settlement of the major cities
  • Period: 1200 BCE to 800 BCE

    Trade System

    Phoenicia installed trading posts all over the Mediterranean
  • Period: 1115 BCE to 1076 BCE

    Reign of Tiglath - Pileser

    The Assyrian Empire conquered Phoenicia
  • 1100 BCE

    Founding of the Phoenician Alphabet

    The English Alphabet is based off The Phoenician Alphabet
  • Period: 1000 BCE to 969 BCE

    New King of Phoenicia

    King Ahiram was the first king of Phoenicia
  • 750 BCE

    Phoenicia creates three new colonies

    They created Motya, Sicily, and Carthage
  • Period: 351 BCE to 332 BCE

    Phoenicia Is Attacked

    Several cities were sacked by Alexander The Great