Pharoahs and Queens of Ancient Eygpt

  • Period: 100 to

    Ancient Egypt

  • Oct 30, 610

    Necho II

    Necho II also known as Nekau II was a ruler of the 26th Dynasty. Necho II is mentioned in lots of bibles such as The Hebrew Bible and The Old Testament. Necho II was the son of Psammetichus I by his Great Royal Wife Mehtenweskhet. His royal name Wahem-Ib-Re means "Carrying out the Heart".
  • Oct 25, 1279

    King Ramesses II

    Ramesses II ruled in the Nineteenth Dynasty. He ruled till 1213 BC. Ramesses II ruled as Prince Regent from age 14. He ruled for 66 years and 2 months, according to Egypt's contemporary historical records. Eygytologist say that Ramesses lived to be 99 years but is mpre likely he died in his 90th or 91st year. Ramesse reigned The Upper Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. In the later part of the New Kingdom 11 pharoahs took to the name of Ramesses.
  • Jan 1, 1332

    King Tutankhamen

    Tutankhamen was apart of the 18th Dynasty and ruled as a Pharoah from a very young age. He died at the age of 18. His cause of death is still unknown, Some say he died for natural causes and others say he was murderd. British Archeaologist Howard Carter quotes "King Tutankhamen died for gun-shot wounds to his head". But that theary was drawn out in 2005 after the hole was found out to be a malfunction during the mummifacation process.
  • Jan 1, 1351

    Queen Cleopatra VII

    Although she wasn't Egyptian she still ruled Egypt. Cleopatra became Queen after Alexander the Great's death during the Hellenistic period. As Cleopatra had a choice of son or brother as her consort she decided to marry her brother Ptolemy XIII but he later drowned trying to escape a war or people trying to kill him. Cleopatra was thrilled when her Ptolemy XIII died because that meant she could rule on her own. Cleopatra died in 30 B.C.
  • Oct 30, 1500


    Joshua was born around 1500 and was said to be Moses' assistant, he was also said to a spy for Israel. Oshua lived to be 110 years old. After the death of Moses, Joshua became the leader of the Israelites. THe name he is commonly known for is Yehoshu'a. Yehoshu'a was the name given to Joshua by Moses. Joshua was born in Egypt prior to th e Exodus and was probably the same age as Caleb to whom he accosiated with.
  • Oct 30, 1520


    Moses, according to The Hebrew Bible, was a religious leader, lawgiver and prophet. Also knownas Moshe Rabbenu in Hebrew he is the most important prophet in Judaism. He is also considered a important prophet in Christianity and Islam as well as other faiths.
  • Oct 29, 1550

    New Kingdom

    The New Kingdom, also known as The Egyptian Empire, is a period in Ancient Egyptain history covering the 18th, 19th and 20th Dynasty. The later part of this period, which was named the Ramesside period inspired by the 11 pharoahs that took to the name of Ramesses.
  • Jesus

    Jesus was born in 4BC. Unfortuantly i could not put 4BC into this timeline so it is on 1904. I am unsure of the date he began to reign but I'm sure it was something AD. Jesus was commonly refered to as Jesus of Nazareth. A magority of christians believe Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus was said to be a Jewish teacher from Galilee in the Roman Judaea. was baptizd by John the Baptist, and was was crucified in Jerusalem under the orders of the Roman Prefect.
  • Middle Kingdom

    The Middle Kingdom was around during the 11th through to the end of the 13th Dynasty. The period comprises 2 phases, 11th Dynasty and the 12th Dynasty. These two Dynastys were said to be the full extent of this unified period in ancient egyptain times, but historians believe that part of the 13th Dynasty belongs to the Middle Kingdom.
  • Abraham

    Abraham is one of the Biblical patriarchs and a main character in the founding myth of the Israelites. Abraham plays a prominent role in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. According to The Book of Geneis, at age 75 Abraham took his wife Sarai and his household and travelled from Haran to Shechem in Cannan. Abraham is also known as Abraham the Father of Many Nations and Sarai becaome Sarah.
  • King Khufu

    King Khufu was the second ruler of the 4th Dynasty. He followed his father King Sneferu to the throne. He is most commonly known for building the Great Pyramid Of Giza, one of The Seven Wonders Of The World. Other aspects of his reign are rather poorly documented. Khufu was commonly known under another Hellenzied name Khêops or Cheops.
  • Old Kingdom

    The Old Kingdom was around during the 3rd through to the the 6th Dynasty. Egyptologists also included the 7th and 8th Dynasty as a continuation of administration centralized at Memphis. The King of egypt (Not called a pharoah until the New Kingdom), became a living god. King Djoser was the first King of the 3rd Dynasty and the Old Kingdom.