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  • Mom and Dad married

  • due date

    My mom was told to stay home because she was dialating already and would have me at any moment. Needless to say, I didn't come on time. At first they thought they had miscalculated.
  • birth

    I was born weighing 9 lbs. 12 oz. I was due in December. At first they thought they had miscalculated my mothers due date. After I was born, it was apparent that I was late. I was born with long fingernails that looked like they had been growing for about 6 weeks. I guess that is what told the doctor I was really just late.
  • Birth to two stages complete

    At this point I was still an only child, though my sister was on the way. I was a child with a stay at home mom. I was very securely attached to my father, my maternal grandparents, and several aunts/uncles. My parents both came from large families. We were closest to our maternal extended family, though we knew both families well during our childhood.
  • slept through the night

    Biosocial (the first two years)
    I was a full term plus baby. I was born over 1 month late. So as a newborn, I was more like a month to 6 weeks old. I began sleeping between 6 at 7 hours through the night at a couple weeks of age.
  • first tooth appears

  • first words

    Cognitive (the first two years)
    I began /babbling/talking about 6 months.
  • Began walking

    Biosocial (birth to two years) Motor skills
    My mother says that I never truly walked, I ran. I started walking at about 9 months of age.
  • toilet trained

    Psychosocial development:
    I was about 2 years old when I was potty trained. After my mother found out she was pregnant with my sister, she decided that she wanted me potty trained before she gave birth.
  • Aunt Diane/Uncle Dennis get married

    Psychsocial (the first two years)
    My aunt lived with us when I was an infant. Our relationship was very strong as she saw herself as my older sister. That relationship lasted a great number of years throughout her marriage to my uncle, who was like a brother to me.
  • sister born

    Psychosocial development (first two years)
    I wanted my father to take my sister back to the hospital because that is where my mother got her from. I thought we could return her just as easily as we picked her up.
  • Snow shovel accident

    Psychosocial development; early childhood
    I had my nose cut open by a shovel (yes, I still have the scar). My friend and I were playing in the mounds of snow in his driveway. It was a day we had gotten a lot of snow. His father was going to be going to work and he didn't want him driving in the snow, so we were shoveling the snow back into the driveway. I accidently threw snow in his face, he got me back, and caught my nose with the shovel at the same time.
  • prior to beginning school

    Early childhood:
    My mother was a stay at home mom. I did not attend any type of preschool program. I do know that I spent a lot of time around other children of various ages within my large family and among my parents friends. I also know that books, and educational material were always available to me.
  • Began Kindergarten

    I started kindergarten. I was almost 6 years old. I was one of the oldest and biggest students in the class. That remained true throughout my elementary years.
  • broke my arm

    Biosocial (early childhood)
    Injury control. I was a very active little girl. I was involved in dance and gymnastics throughout my childhood. Of course, I broke my arm running down the stairs, not doing one of my gymnastics stunts.
  • moved (started riding bus to school)

    Riding a bus was a big thing. Though I only moved a block away from where I lived in kindergarten, I now took the bus. The bus is much more social than walking with another kid or two.
  • First Holy communion

    Religious right of passage. I thought it was a really big deal at the time.
  • Grandparent (maternal) move to Tennessee

    I was very close to my grandparents. Their move was a big transition for my family. They were caregivers and supporters of my sister and I throughout our childhood.
  • began Jr. high

  • Aunt killed in car accident in Tennessee

    My aunt was 19 at the time. She was a part of my "village". Her death was also a big shock. We had just spent the weekend in Tennessee with her, and got the call on Monday that she was gone.
  • began high school

    Cognitive: Time to start thinking about life beyond high school and taking classes in high school that will help get me there.
  • Got driver license

    Psychosocial: Some independence. I can take myself where ever I want to go. With my parents permission of course!
  • High school graduation

    Cognitive/psychosocial: I am an adult. Graduation signals the start of a new chapter in life. College in a couple months.
  • Started at MSU

    Cognitive/psychosocial: The big moment! I begin my college career and move away from the shelter of home. I am on my own and will be making many decisions for myself. Will I handle it? Of course.
  • Grandfather (maternal) dies

    Psychosocial: My grandfather was another important piece of the "village" I was raised in. Life without him was very strange in the beginning. He was the first grandparent I lost, and I wasn't sure how to deal with that at that time.
  • Transferred to WSU

    My mother's health and my sister's mental stability needed it. I came home to finish my college education in a new place and support my family.
  • First date with Kid's dad

    Psychocial: Meet through an ex boyfriend from high school. Dated for over 2 years before getting engaged.
  • sister gets married

    I got lucky. My best friend married my other best friend! It is still a great thing to this day.
  • Graduate with Bachelor's Degree (WSU)

    Finally! It seems like it took forever. I was glad to finally reach this stage. Even though I was glad to get this over with, I had no idea what I was doing with my life.
  • niece (Savannah) born

    We almost lost my sister and my niece that day. Talk about life flashing before your eyes.
  • marriage

    Psychosocial: Should have called off the wedding 3 weeks before when I figured out what my in-laws and husband were really going to be like. I will never listen to my mother again! Would have saved me much heartache later on.
  • daughter (Holly) born

    My first pregnancy. I wanted 3 children. My pregnancy was awful. That is how I only ended up with two. Thought the second one would be better. Never happened. I was not meant to be pregnant.
  • Complete Teacher certification

    Now, I can move on with employment. Or, maybe I can. The education field was not an easy place to get a job.
  • Uncle Dennis dies

    My 2nd father/brother. His death was hard for the entire family, but especially my sister and I. He had helped raise us and we enjoyed many wonderful times with him throughout our lives. I am saddened by the fact that my son never got the chance to know him.
  • son (Brenden) born

    Thank goodness he survived in the womb. He was so wrapped up in his cord that he almost didn't make it. Don't know how I would handle my life today without him. He is a breathe of fresh air in a family full of women and limited in the male species.
  • Hired (new job) in Livonia

    Changed jobs so that I would remain in the field I was in. After a year and a half in one position, I was ready to give up. Moving to a new school district renewed my love for my job.
  • divorce final

    Best decision I ever made for myself and my children. We have a better life without their father living with us.
  • Grandmother (maternal) dies

    Psychsocial: My grandmother was part of the "village" that raised me. My sister and I were very close to her, even after she moved to Tennessee. Losing her was a difficult time for me.
  • 1st date with husband

  • Engaged on trip to Toronto

    Intimacy: Thought I would never want to be married again after my 1st marriage. I fell in love when it was the last thing that I intended to do.
  • marriage (2nd)

    A beautiful day. Thought I had found the love of my life. Today that is a big question in my life.
  • Began taking college classes again

    Started on line classes at Schoolcraft for to maintain my teacher certification.
  • Holly Graduates

    start of that empty nest syndrome. My little girl will be an adult and moving on to college. She may not be around at home much any more.
  • Brenden Graduates

    The empty nest syndrome. I am already having difficulty today dealing with the fact that my baby will be in middle school next year.
  • retirement

    I am picking the end of the school year of the year that I turn 65 for my retirement. I think that by age 65 I will be more than ready to retire, and may possibly do it sooner rather than later.
  • death

    Biosocial: According to the age calculator I will die at the age of 92. I just picked a random date during my 92nd year. I hope that I will just die of old age at this point. Psychosocial: I hope that my kids are taking care of me and that I am still important to them in their lives. I know the sandwich generation can be a difficult place to be.
  • Period: to


  • Period: to

    The first two years

    Biosocial: Body changes: I was two feet long at birth. I got teeth at 6 weeks. My mom says that I ran as soon as I walked. As an infant I had an extremely high fever that ate the enamal off of my teeth. Cognitive: My parents said I was a pretty smart baby. Psychosocial: I had good relationships with extended family members and family friends.
  • Period: to

    Early childhood: ages 2 to 6

    Biosocial: Broke my arm, had my nose cut open, had my tonsils out, hemorrhaged after. Was the tallest kid in Kindergarten class. Cognitive:Learned to talk without any issues. Did not attend preschool.Psychosocial:Wanted my parents to take my sister back. Was close to my parents and close maternal extended family members.
  • Period: to

    middle childhood

    Biosocial: Healthy except for expected childhood diseases. No language or learning issues. Cognitive: Did well in school. Learned to read easily. Psychosocial: Close to extended family. Had good friendships both at school and in community.
  • Period: to


    Biosocial: Finished growing by age 12. Hit puberty at normal time. Cognitive: A/B student in middle and high school. Planned to go to college. Psychosocial: Had friendships and good family relationships. Dated off an on. Enjoyed teenage years with no major problems. Not got involved with drugs. Did drink a little bit.
  • Period: to

    Emerging adulthood

    Biosocial: Began having difficulties with female issues. Faced possibility of infertility at 18 years of age. Cognitive: Graduated high school and began college the following fall. Started in Pre-med. Psychosocial: Had a couple of long term relationships. Stayed connected with my family. My younger sister and I became best friends.
  • Period: to


    Biosocial: Gave birth to 2 healthy children. In relatively good heath at my current age. Cognitive: Work as a teacher. Am reenrolled in college. Looking at a possible 2nd career. Psychosocial: Not bothered by my age. Have divorced and remarried. Care for my children, my mother and sister, as they have health issues.
  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood

    Biosocial: Hope to be active up until close to my death. Cognitive: I am a reader, as long as I can see, I would like to continue to read. Psychococial: I hope to be a grandparent. My husband and I hope to move to somewhere warmer after we retire.