Personal Timeline

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  • nerf gun

    I had gotten my ferst nerf gun at the age of three from my grandparents and I still remember the details, it was blue and was a pump action revolver style.
  • My first bed

    My first bed was a boat,"A boat bed" with a red and green night light and a sail
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  • Born to Drive

    My mom planted all new flowers in the back yard and I ran them over while driveing my mini hummer
  • Fishing legend

    For my fifth birthday my dad took me to oswego pilaski, upstate new york for my first fishing trip. That trip I cought every species of fish in that river even ones that wheren't supose to be there at thet time of the year. "The greatest memory of my life".
  • christmass

    My dad gave me a dirt bike without my mom knowing =)
  • two feet of snow

    It snowed two feet in one night the first big snow storm on the island in a long time.
  • Moved to beach haven

    it was a big house 3 bed 2 bath a big living room and a big kitchen. Funny I have only two memorys my kite geting stuck on the roof and colecting sand.
  • Twin Towers

    I was in 4th grade and I remembor that no one new that the towers where hit but we new something hapend when two f-16 fighter jets flying along the coast doing moch one almost destroyed the schools windows.
  • mooveing agen

    mooved to the cerent hous in Ship Bottom
  • FAST

    My dad use to have a costum wood shop and beahined it was a dert football feiled. we built a go kart useing a air compresor engen and that thing hit about 35 to 40 so my dad terned it down alitell for ower safty. we used it for three years and sadly outgrew it.
  • Pine wood derbie

    came in fourth place out of sixteen.
  • on target

    in boy scouts went to this camp and it had activitys to earn pionts for your scout troop. Ishot a perfect four out of four and just because I shot in the same hole twice they thought I miss, then after I prooved it I was in first and I still havent recieved that reawor yet.
  • Go strate!

    Went hours back rideing for the first time.
  • Repreasent

    won the NJ regonal pinewood derbie 1st out of 38 competitors
  • TKD

    started tae kwon do found I good at it stayed training for two years then fell away in winter 2009 whant to go back.
  • new direction

    a few days after christmass my dad desided to start a new way of bisness it has dun well since then and even well enuff to open another new showe room in north field.
  • My last vakation

    All with in 2010 I whent on six vakations. Best year of my life. Lake George, mom's side family camping trip, oswego fishing trip, rideing high log trip, whent to florda for chrismass, then to germany ostrya and switzerland for the school german trip.
  • Older and wiser

    on the oswego river from 4:00am to 5:00pm Icought 9 steel heads and my dad and brother caught nothing, what's even funnyer is on the othere side of the river there was six more fisherman yheling "Hay let us catch some" in all good fun.
  • Free

    got my bracess off
  • wheels

    bought my car from my parents with hard ernd money