Personal Timeline

  • Birth

    I was born on July 3th, In Las Vegas.
  • Period: to

    My LIfe!

  • 1 Year Old

    I celebrate my first year of live by partying it up!
  • First Trip to Mexico

    This was the first time i was in Mexico. It was the first time my grandparents saw me. It was a day i dont remember but its a time I wont forget!
  • Moving to California

    My mom, dad, sister and me move to Anahiem, California.
  • Jazmin turns 5

    My sister turns 5 and we have a party to celebrate with all the cousins, aunties and uncles.
  • Disneyland

    My first time going to Disneyland. I remember getting on my first rollercoaster that went into a cave and had a bear with red eyes, which I was terrified of
  • Dads Birthday

    My mom took me to the store a few days before to buy my dad a gift. I bought him a really ugly green hat. When i gave it to him he wore it for about two weeks straight and took it to work with him.
  • Moving to Colorado

    The Corias move to Colorado in search of a better life. Which I was sure I would not find,
  • First House

    My dad buys his first house which is located at 446 Meade st Denver, CO.
  • First day of First Grade

  • First Bike

    My Dad buys me my fist bike which I happen to still have. It costed him about 300 hundred dollars and he bought it at Dicks Sporting Goods. I am keeping it for my kids.
  • First Pet

    3 rabbits
  • First Communion

  • Mom Crashes

  • Pet Dog

    MIckey, French poodle
  • Second Truck

    Dad buys his second truck:
  • My first broken arm

  • Vacation

    Went to Ixtapa, Zihuateno,MX. A beautiful beach
  • Christmas

    Last time we celebrated christmas as a family
  • Godfathers 40th Birthday

    We went to California
  • Vacation

    Went to California
  • Vacation

    Went to many places in Mexico
  • Sophmore year starts