Personal Identity Digital Timeline Project

  • Birthday

    I was born at the St. Mary's Hospital at the end of march which makes my horoscope an Aries.
  • Sister was Born

    My sister was born so now it was three girls instead of two.
  • Brother Was Born

    The first boy after my mom had three girls was born.
  • Little Brother Was Born

    The last kid in our family was born my little brother gio
  • Washington Trip

    My 8th grade class when on a field trip to Washington DC
  • My aunt came to visit from Mexico

    This was my aunts first time in the United States, she also came with my grandparents.
  • Graduation Banquet

    This was the last time my the whole 8th grade class was able to be together and spend some time before our graduation.
  • Graduation

    I graduated 8th grade and it was a bitter sweat moment because I was going to miss all my friends I made throughout my elementary school years, but I was more excited for highschool and new friends.
  • Freshman Connection

    I attended the freshman connection held at Taft and made a lot of new friends.
  • First day of Highschool

    I was a freshman at Taft Highschool and the class of 2023 was the first to enjoy the new campus.
  • My first Homecoming

    I was a freshman and this was my first ever homecoming in High School.
  • COVID - 19

    The whole word goes into lockdown. We were out of school for the rest of the year and non essential stores were closed.
  • Sophomore Year

    This year we were all online and virtual because the pandemic was not getting any better. The vaccine did not start coming out till a little while later.
  • I dog sat

    It was my first time dog sitting and it made me really happy because it was a puppy and it gave me an insight to what my life might be if I got a puppy.
  • Got my first job

    I got hired at Walmart working as a cashier.
  • Lost my grandpa

    My grandpa was really sick but we did not expect to lose him so fast
  • Junior Year

    This was our first time coming back to school since we got put in lockdown.
  • Getting my kitten

    I brought my kitten home. My parents did not know he was coming til the day before.
  • Junior Year homecoming

    Tis was my second homecoming but I did not end up coming to the school but rather went out to eat with friends.
  • Dyed my hair

    I dyed my hair for the first time and my parents were not too happy since my hair was pretty healthy.