Personal Development

  • My Birth

    My Birth
  • Florida Vacation

    Florida Vacation
    Our family vacation to Florida was the biggest trip that we took as a family for 2 weeks. This was such a fun time that hold many memories within my family that will never be forgotten
  • Grandmas Passing

    Grandmas Passing
    My grandma's passing will stick with me forever. It was my first big loss that took a toll on me but it shaped me into who I am today.
  • Grandpas Passing

    Grandpas Passing
    This was the second biggest loss that hit me hard. Both of my grandparents within a year was hard for me, but as with my grandma's passing, my grandpa's shaped me into the person I have become today. It brought me to peace to know that they were together again, but I will always miss them.
  • Dad's Illness

    Dad's Illness
    When my dad got ill it was hard for everyone in my family. We are not able to do much as a family anymore due to his illness but I am very grateful that he is able to still be here with us. This helped me mature so much and be able to help take care of him.
  • The Pandemic

    The Pandemic was time that changed me. It made me more closed off and affected my ability to be more social with others. I would say this was a small milestone in my life that had a bigger effect on me than I thought.
  • 8th grade graduation

    8th grade graduation
    My graduation had to take place during the pandemic, so it was a drive by, but it was still something very memorable for me and a milestone. This was when I opened my eyes and realized I was in high school, that I am growing up. In this time I was trying to prepare myself for the next four years. Even though 8th grade graduation isn't that big of a thing it is still something memorable and exciting.