persian timeline

By safvi
  • 550

    persian empire

    the persian empire spread through out the indus river valley
  • Jan 1, 722

    median dynasty

    dyaukku founds the median dynasty.
  • Jan 1, 1340

    new capital

    the king of elam, untash-napirisha, founds new capital in chogha zanbil.
  • Jan 1, 1500


    the assyrian migration begins
  • Jan 1, 1500


    the assyrians invaded the indus river valley.
  • hyskos

    the hyskos took power in egypt.
  • vanish

    the harappan civilization disapeared.
  • chess

    the game chess developes in persia.
  • capture

    the elimites of susa capture Ur
  • defete

    the king of assyria, schalmaneser II, defetes king medes, the king of persia.
  • destruction

    the Akkadian empire is destroyed by the Guti, who invade from the north, and the Elamites of Susa regain their independence
  • conqer

  • civilization

    civilization began
  • harappa thrive

    harappa started thriving alot.
  • first dynasty

    a first dynasty creates the Elamite kingdom (non Semitic) in western Persia with capital in Susa
  • indus river valley

    people began to settle in the indus river valley
  • susa

    susa is founded in western persia