History timeline

  • Period: Sep 27, 1299 to

    Ottoman Empire

    Founded after the Byzantine empire. Waged wars against Christians.
  • Period: Apr 10, 1340 to

    Songhai Empire

    Big Muslim empire that pushed into and took control of the Shara.
  • Apr 10, 1445

    Prince Henry the Navigator

    Advanced map making and opened up a school for navigation and the making of better ships.
  • Jan 1, 1450

    Beginning of Portugese Slave Trade

    Prince Henry established a slave market in 1445. Libson, which is Portugal's captital city became a slave prot. Slavery then spread around Portugul.
  • Apr 10, 1453

    Reign of Mehmed the Conqueror

    Sultan to the Ottoman emprie. Also conquered Constantinople.
  • Apr 10, 1462

    The Reign of Sunni Ali

    First king of Songhair empire. Tried to unify people. Helped slave trade.
  • Oct 10, 1487

    Dias' voyage into the Indian Ocean

    First European to sail around Africa to find route to India allowing Europeans to trade directly with the country.
  • Nov 1, 1492

    Columbu's First Voyage

    Orignally going to find a new route to India, Colmbus found the Carribean islands, which led to the discovery of the Americas.
  • Jun 7, 1494

    Treaty of Tordesillas

    Divided newly discovered lands between Portugal and Spain.
  • Period: Apr 10, 1502 to

    Safavid Dynasty

    Rivals with Ottoman Empire. Shi'ite Muslims.
  • Apr 10, 1519

    Spanish Conquest of Mexico

    Spanish went into Mexico looking for gold, which they didn't find. They also abused the native people by using them for labour and taking their resources.
  • Nov 15, 1519

    Martin Luther

    Played major part in Protestant Reformation and caused split in church. Changed a lot of people in Europes view of the church.
  • Apr 10, 1521

    Reign of Suleiman the Magnificent

    Attacked Europe. Reconstructed Ottoman legal system.
  • Period: Apr 10, 1527 to

    Mughal Empire

    The Mughal Dynasty was an empire in India. The country was prosperous in this dyansty.
  • Apr 10, 1534

    Foundation of the Society of Jesus

    The society worked towards the spreading of the Catholic faith all around the world.
  • Nov 16, 1545

    Council of Trent

    Council in Catholic church that examined teachings of Martin Luther and other people. Also worked to strengthen church.
  • Nov 15, 1546

    John Calvin

    Influential Protestant leader inspired by Martin Luther who helped spread his ideas.
  • Period: Apr 10, 1556 to

    Reign of Akbar

    Brought most of India under Mughal control and worked towards social harmony.
  • Period: Apr 10, 1572 to

    Reign of Emperor Wanli

    Ming dynasty declined under his rule.
  • Spanish Armada

    Spanish fleet tha sailed to invade England.
  • Tokagowa Shogunate

    Establishd political unity and economic integration in Japan. Made military more modern. Also helped modernize Japan somewhat.
  • Galileo Galilei

    Galileo Galilei is an Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher that took part of the Scientific Revolution. Know for his work in adtronomy.
  • Period: to

    Thirty Years War

    War that caused depopulation and economic decline of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • Period: to

    Qing Dynasty

    Last imperial dyansty of China.
  • Peace of Westphalia

    Series of treaties that ended the Thirty Years War and the Eighty Years War.
  • John Locke

    English philospoher that helped the Enlightenment. Argued against 'divine right' and helped change some laws.
  • Period: to

    Seven Year's War

    Huge war that affected all the great powers of the world.
  • Period: to

    Haitian Revolution

    Resulted in Elimination of Slavery in the country and formation of the Republic of Haiti.
  • Establishment of first colony in Africa

    *Could not find exact date* Important because it led to European counries taking control of a lot of Africa.
  • End of Britain's slave trade

    Step towards the getting rid of slave trade all around the world.