• Leaving Italy

    My name is Paulo and I am 38 years old and I have arrived on a boat and am now heading to Ellis Island from Italy and the baot is crowded. Luckily, I am not in steerage. i can not wait to get to America so I can make a lot of money, get a lot of land and buy a big house.
  • I arrive in New York

    The boat ride from Ellis Island was awful. I traveled in third class and barely got any food. But I guess it was better then steerage. When the Statue of Liberty was in sight, everybody gathered to the left of the ship to see it and the boat nearly tipped. But I am now in New York and am trying to find work.
  • I find a Job

    I have finally gotten a job as a butcher working for a man named Bill. Bill is the only one holding me together so I don't have to live on the streets.
  • Out of a Job

    After 10 years of working as a butcher, Bill has passes away and I have lost my job, house, and money. I am now living on the streets hoping to find a new job.
  • New Job

    After about a week of living and begging on the streets, I have found a job at a railroad company offering good pay and free land to anyone who joins the railroad.
  • Contest for Land

    After a year of working on the railroad I still have'nt gotten any land. I am told that whoever works the hardest and gets the most work done will be the ones getting the land. So I decide to at least try.
  • Win Land

    After a week of the contest, I am told I have been working harder then the other employees and am offered a plot of land that is 30 acres large. I gladly accept the deed.
  • Present Time

    I am now 60 andI have built a house on my plot of land and have been living there with my family, wife and four kids. I have also built a farm and have pigs, horses, cows, and chickens in there. I have achieved what I came to America for.