Number The Stars

  • Chapter 1

    Ellen and Annemarie are sprinting down the street because Annemarie is training for a race at school. Kristi tries to catch up. The three girls are stopped by two soilders ,and they tell them that they can't run on the streets anymore.
  • Chapter 1

    Back at the apartment Annemarie's Mother explains that since the ocupation of the Nazis food is rationed out.
  • Chapter 2

    Annemarie had a sister who died two weeks before she was going to get married to Peter which Papa and Mama thought him as thier own.
  • Chapter 3

    Kristi needed a new button for her dress, so Mama asked Annemarie and Ellen to stop by Mrs.Hirsch's button store to pick up a new one, but when they arrived the store was closed and they went home buttonless. When they were at home Annemarie's Mother explained that the Nazis had closed down the store because she and her family are Jewish.
  • Chapter 4

    Ellen has to stay at Annemarie's house because Ellen's Mother and Father have to go in hiding or they would get caught by the Soilders and sent to concentraition camp or be put to death. When the soilder's would come to inspect thier home they would claim Ellen as thier decceced duaghter Lise.
  • Chapter 5

    Ellen and Annemarie are fast asleep when two soilder's abruptly knock on the door to inspect the condo and see if they are hiding any Jews. They order every one exept Kristi to come and and stand in a line to see if they are Jewish. They get a little suspicious when they notice Ellen's hair is brown and Annemarie and her mother have blond hair. Annemarie's Father was smart enough to remember that when Lise was little she had brown hair to. The soilder's are convinced so they exit and move on.
  • Chapter 6

    Mama must take all three girls to her brothers house because the soilder's are suspicious. Papa insists that he should come to but Mama says no because then the soilders would know that they had gone somewhere. They all left that day and started their journey to the house.
  • Chapter 7

    Annemarie, Kristi, and Ellen all get settled in to their temporary home and got ready for bed.
  • Chapter 8

    Great-Aunt Birte has died and Annemarie is suspicious because in all the childhood story's her Mom and Dad have told her there has never been any mention of a Great-Aunt Birte.
  • Chapter 9

    Annemarie questions Uncle Henry and finds out that there is no Great-Aunt Birte. Annemarie asks Uncle Henry why him and her Mother are lying and he replies it is bettter if she does not know.
  • Chapter 10

    Several soilders have noticed that there was group of people gathered in the house. Mama explains that Great-Aunt Birte has died. One soilder said open the coffin and Mama said that she died of typhus. The soilder then slapped Mama on the cheek excaiming you folish woman. They all left and then Peter opens the casket.
  • Chapter 11

    Inside the coffin were articals of clothes and folded blankets. Peter picked them up and passed them out. Then Peter led the first group to a boat by the dock. Shortly after that Mama would follow and bring Ellen and her parents to a similar boat.
  • Chapter 13

    Annemarie flys down the stairs and swings open the door. She runs to her Mother and then she began to question her. Mama had been in such a hurry to get back home to the girls, that she had tripped on a tree stump and broken her ankle. Annemarie helped her Mother up and was about lead her inside when they stumbbled upon the packet Peter had given Ellen's father. He had dropped it when he tripped. Annemarie picked the packet up and put it in a basket just as she was told. Then she ran off.
  • Chapter 12

    Mama starts leading her group when Ellen's Father falls on one of the lose stairs. One by one Ellen's family says thier goodbyes to Annemarie and Mama and the group disapear into the darkness. Annemarie creeps up into the bedroom she has been assinged tgets into bed and slowly drifts to sleep. Annemarie woke up the minute the first sign of morning appeared and she realized Mama was not home. She walks to the window and looks out and sees a shape laying on the barren earth. It was Mama!
  • Chapter 14

    Annemarie runs through the dark creepy forest and turns a bend when she see's four armed soilders with two dogs.
  • Chapter 15

    Annemarie greets the soilders and acts like a little girl. One soilder takes out the things in the basket and then he discovers the packet at the bottom of the basket underneath a napkin. He questions her and she starts to cry. He then rips it open and discovers a white handkercheif. He then put the stuff back in the basket and sent her on her way. She arrived and Uncle Henrik was relived. He then sent her back home to tell Mama not to worry.
  • Chapter 16

    After Dinner, Uncle Henrik led Annemarie to the barn for a milking lesson. Uncle Henrik then tells Annemarie that Ellen's family was hiding underneath the boat in a secret compartment. She also finds out that Peter was in the Resistance. She then then finds out that in the handkercheif there is a special type of drug that attracts the dogs but when they smell it it makes thier nose numb. Annemarie left and went back into the house.
  • Chapter 17

    The war ended 2 long years later. Peter had been put to death by the Germans. She finds out that Lice-her older sister- was run over by one of the Nazis. Annemarie takes out the necklace Ellen had worn and asks Father if he could fix it. He replies and says he wiil but Annemarie must return it when she see's Ellen again.