north american discovery

  • Period: Jan 14, 1500 to

    north american discovery

  • Jan 14, 1524


    verrazand, sails for france discovers New York Harbor.
  • Jamestone

    Jamestone founded on the coast of virgina by 100 english settlers.
  • Frenchman Jacques Cartier

    The frenchman Jacques Cartier navigate the St. Lawrence River names an island along the river montreal.
  • Netherland

    Henry Hudson, explores for the netherlands, claims land that will become New netherlands
  • disease's

    an epidemic of smallpox, brought by Europeans, kills many native Americans on the New England coast.
  • King Phillip

    King Phillip's war begins in colonial villages of massachuetts, between colonist and Native Americans.
  • french and Indian war

    war between the british and french, known as the french and Indian war. the war is fought over disputed land claims in the Ohio valley.
  • French Explore

    the French explore, Samuel de champlain, founds the colony of Quebec.