Broad Event Timeline

  • 1756 7 years War

    The event that lead most directly to the American Revolution, it greatly diminished the French involvement in the New World.
  • 1757 East India

    East India company rules most of India.
  • 1776 American Revolution

    Among the first modern successful uprising, the american revolution sees a colony overthrowing its origianal country. It is the end for imperialism.
  • 1789 French Revolution

    The Frenh Revolution toppled the moncarchy and plunged France into chaos. The ideas and instraments used in this revolution others to come heavily, as well ass allowing Napolean to come to power.
  • 1793 - "Macartney Mission"

    "Macartney Mission", was a failed attempt to establish British-Chinese diplomacy.
  • 1798- 1814 Napoleons Rule

    Napoleons conquests throughout Europe had the curious impact of spreading liberal thought that had fuelled the French Revolution. Shifted the balance of power in Europe as well.
  • 1814 Congress of Vienna

    The Congress of bienna showed that the powers of Europe could work together to stop common threats. it also signaled a reversion to Conservative policies in Europe.
  • 1840- 1842 Opium War

    British defeat China in South Chine and force terms of "Treaty of Nanjing"