Noah Cushman's 10 Year Timeline

By Kushman
  • Volunteer Hours Completed

    Volunteer Hours Completed
    After working at my uncle's auto shop I got my 40 hours of volunteer work completed.
  • Resume Created

    Resume Created
    Decided to create a resume on my birthday to hand out for some job applications
  • Job Interview

    Job Interview
    After get a little more experience with working i finally got a job interview for a local auto body shop
  • Work Experience(s) - Completed or Planed Before Graduation

    Work Experience(s) - Completed or Planed Before Graduation
    I have explored the working fields offerd to me and completed my work experiences and i have planned my career path for the future
  • Special Achievement in life

    Special Achievement in life
    I recived an apprenticeship with the auto body shop i currently work at
  • High school Graduation

    High school Graduation
    After 4 long years that went by fast i had finally graduated from Parkside with my grade 12 education
  • Start of Career

    Start of Career
    after working at the auto shop for 2 years i finally got a job at a car parts manufactuor in ingersol called CAMI
  • Career Advancement

    Career Advancement
    After working on the loading dock i was adavnced to area consultant for loding operations and where the parts were being shiped to
  • Move out of my Guardian(s) house

    Move out of my Guardian(s) house
    I had moved out and into my friends apartment where we slpit on rent with our paychecks monthly
  • Bought a House

    Bought a House
    after saving my monthly paycheck for a year orso meand my friend moved out of our apartment and bought a house
  • Bought my first car

    Bought my first car
    i had saved up some more cash and got a job transfer to a different factory i had to buy a car to get to work instead of being able to walk everyday so i purchased a 1969 GTO judge
  • Life change-Family

    Life change-Family
    after working together for a few years i asked one of the floor workers out and i was lucky enough that she became my wife
  • Relocate

    after my friend moved out i lost the house i was living in and was forced to relocate to cheaper living arrangements
  • Start of Career

    Start of Career
    i was transfered yet again from my job but this time into a different carrer field and now my current career is being a long haul truck driver for a large factory in B.C.