No Choirboy - Susan Kuklin-Nonfiction - 164 pages

  • Chaper 1-2 pages 1-52

    It starts out as a boy named Kevin Gardener. And it get into detail about how he hung around with a few friends and there names where Roy, Demetrus and Richie. Then it gets into how Kevin's body was found dead in a lake. And they found his friend Roy gulty for killing his friend Kevin. and the court said that Roy was charged and he is going death row.
    *** Didn't fnish all of chapter 2 ***
  • Chapters 2-3 pages 53-81

    throughout all of this it talks about how Roy gets off of death row. And it slowly talks about how life is for Roy in jail. also he has a full ride to a real jail. not just juvinile center. and he only has a few more years.
  • chapter 2-4 pages 81-164

    In chapter 2 it just finished talking about how Roy was sentenced to death row. but the government changed the law before they killed him and they just sentenced him to life in prison.
    And in chapter 3-4 it started talking about another person and that person was named Nanon. And he talks about how he got senteced to death row. and how he was a big and bad person in Prison and how he had to get sent to the worst of the worst prisons.
    *** End of the book ****