Night by Ellie Wiesel

  • Chapter 1

    Chapter 1
    Moshe the Beadle and all the other foreign Jews of Sighet are expelled and deported on cattle trains into Poland. A war was starting.
  • Chapter 2

    Chapter 2
    They Jews arrived at Auschwitz. The Jews was stripped of their belongings and were given striped uniforms.
  • Chapter 3

    Chapter 3
    Men and woman was split up. All of the babies was burned, and the Jews that are too young and the others that are too old to work are killed.
  • Chapter 4

    Chapter 4
    New Jews was quarantined. Ellie was sent to the dentist and he found out that the dentist was gong to steal his gold teeth.
  • Chapter 5

    Chapter 5
    The Jewish year passes on new years day. the prisoners gather to celebrate and give thanks to god.
  • Chapter 9

    Chapter 9
    The SS officers begin to evacuate the camp and start moving thousands of prisoners out each day. After all prisoners are removed, the camp will be blown up. That vision of himself at the holocaust has stayed with him forever.
  • Chapter 8

    Chapter 8
    Ellie's father dies while on the way to the showers.
  • Chapter 7

    Chapter 7
    Some of the Jews are being taken to Buchenwald. A lot of them die on the journey.
  • Chapter 6

    Chapter 6
    The Jews are being forced to run through the snow to the new site. Anyone that is going too slow or that has stoped or fell, is instantly killed.