Nation of Islam

  • Event 2

    Event 2
    The Nation of Islam religious movement founded in Detroit, Michigan, by Wallace D. Fard Muhammad.
  • Event 3

    Event 3
    Islam is basically rooted in God’s obedience that He mandated to His people, which was coursed through the prophet Muhammad. Believers of Islam recognize only one true God, whom they call Allah. NOI is centered on the belief that the Blacks is a greater race than any other. The Nation of Islam is similiar to Islam, but heavily stresses that the black man is the ¨God¨ and the white people are the devils.
  • Leader

    The Nation of Islam under the leadership of Minister Louis Farrakhan, who is the catalyst for the growth and development of Islam in America.Having a strong sensitivity to the plight of Black people, his mother engaged her sons in conversations about the struggle for freedom, justice and equality. Popularly known as “The Charmer,” he achieved fame in Boston as a vocalist, calypso singer, dancer and violinist.
  • Event 4

    Event 4
    Malcom growing up grew a hatred towards white people. Malcom after getting into trouble and winding up on jail decided to change his actions and some of his beliefs in life. He wstarted following the Nation of Islam. He preached that there should be a strict moral code and a reliance on other African Americans. He preached with an interesting style and many people followed his beliefs and speaches until he parted with the Nation of Islam.
  • Event 5

    Event 5
    Malcolm X split from the Nation of Islam after being silenced by Elijah Muhammad for disobeying direct orders. Malcolm had also been considering of leaving NOI because he admitted he was going a different direction politicall, but once he was silenced he knew that he had to change.
  • Event 6

    Event 6
    Million Man March, on October 16, 1995 there was a sea of Black men, many who stood for 10 hours or more sharing, learning, listening, and praying. The day produced a spirit of brotherhood, love, and unity like never before experienced among Black men in America.
  • Event 7

    Event 7
    The Nation of Islam opened the eyes of many African Americans, showing them that they were much more valuable than it they previously thought. This eventually brought awareness of the racial and social issues of America to the world stage.
  • Event 8

    Event 8
    One of the main problems that still exists today that Malcom X and MLK wanted to stop is racism. Racism still exist today and there are many examples of it in the world we live in today. Another problem that is a little more specific is economic equality for all races. It has been proven that people that Black make less than a person that is white even if they are in the same line of work.