Nashiyah Interactive Timeline

  • When I was born

    I was born in Jefferson hospital
  • the day i went to my cousin birthday party

    my cousin had turned 6 , at her party she had cake , candy , juice , chips . my cousn had a lot of things to play with like ropes , ballons , basketball , football . her birthday party was fun
  • My mom first job

    My mom first job was at a bank . My mom loved her job because she had a lot of friends there and she get paid a good amount of money . The reason why I put this event her is because she spend helf of her money on me .
  • The Day I Broke My Arm

    One day I was in my grandma room and I was jumping on the bed and then I had fell on my arm on the floor
  • my birthday party

    my birthday party was chucky cheeses , when i was little my favorite color was pink so my outfitt was an pink shirt and a pink shirt . my family came like my mom , dad , cousins , aunt , grandma . i love chucky cheese pizza and i like they games there to . i use to like having my birthday at chucky cheese.