Napoleons Life

  • Napoleon's Birth

    On this day Napoleon was born in the town called Ajaccio. This was on the island of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Accepted into Brienne Military Academy

    He was accepted into a military academy titled Brienne Military Academy when he recieved a scholarship. This academy is situated in France near Troyes.
  • Entrance into Ecole Militaire

    Napoleon was then accepted into the Ecole Military after graduating from Brienne Military Academy.
  • Napoleon becomes officer on French Artillary

    Bonaparte was promoted thanks to his previous victory over the British.
  • Campaign of Italy

    The Campiagn of Italy was a series of battles fought in Northern Italy between the French Revolutionary Army and the Coalition of Austria.
  • Whiff of Grapeshot

    Cannons go from single shot to grapeshot, or multiple shots at once, and turns it into a sort of shotgun.
  • Campaign of Egypt

    The Campaign in Egypt/Syria was Bonapartes first campaign of the Orient. It was to protect French trade interests.
  • French Consulate

    After Napoleon becomes head of the French government he established the French Consulate. He made himself he head of a more liberal/centralized republican government.
  • Concordat

    He negotiated with the Papacy over the topic of Concordat.
  • Treaty of Lunéville

    This treaty of peace concluded at Lunéville between the French Government, Germanic Body the Emperor.
  • Treat of Amiens

    This treaty of peace temporarily ended the hostilities the French Republic and Great Britain had during the French Revolution.
  • Napoleon's Code

    This was the French Civil Code which was established under Napoleon. It forbade certain privileges dealing with birth, allows religious freedom, and specified that employers employed in the government are most qualified.
  • Napoleon crowned Emporer

    Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned Emporer of France in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.
  • Trafalgar

    Napoleon and the French Army lose to the British under Admiral Nelson.
  • Battle of Jenna and Auerstadt

    This is when the French defeat Prussia in the battle over in Germany.
  • Treaties of Tilsit

    The Treaties of Tilsit were two treaties signed by Napoleon Bonaparte after his victory at Friedland. The first treaty was signed on July 7 and the second on July 9.
  • Campaign in Russia

    This is when Capoleon and his army try to engage/defeat the Russian Amry after crossing the Neman River.
  • Elba

    This is when Napoleon agrees to exile himself on an island titled Saint Helena. In doing so he recieved 2 million francs really and was still tired as the Emperor of France.
  • First Teaty of Paris

    Napoleon was able to end the war between France and the Sicth Coalition
  • Battle of Waterloo

    On this day Napoleon loses to the Duke of Wellington at Waterloo in Belgium.
  • Napoleon sent to Saint Helena

    He was sent to the island as a prisoner.
  • Second Treaty of Paris

    This treaty was written under similar circumstances as the first.
  • Death of Napoleon

    Napoleon dies on Saint Helena as a prisoner.