Napoleon's Life

By kwall
  • Napoleon is born

    He was born on the island of Corsica, the son of a noble
  • Napoleon gets military scolarship

    goes to the elite military training college in Paris.
  • becomes second lieutenant in in the artillery

  • Became sympathetic to the Revolution

  • Battle of Toulon

    Led a victorious attack on a royalist fort and promoted to Brigadier General
  • Put down a pro-royalist group in in Paris

    Promoted to Major General
  • Married Josephine Beauharnais

    Put in charge of the French army
  • Re-organised the french army

    Won several great victories over the Austrians and Italians.
  • Austrians were forced to sign a ceasefire at Leoben

  • Napoleon's plans to attack the british failed

    his army was plauged by sicknedss, and Nelson's Brittish Navy destroyed many ships.
  • Returned to Paris

  • Napoleon siezed control of France

  • Napoleon crowned himself emperor