Napoleonic Era

  • Napoleon attempts to conquer Egypt and cut off English trade lines and is defeated by Horatio Nelson

    Campaigning in Egypt, Napoleon was defeated by British forces, led by Horatio Nelson.Napoleon returned to France before the failure was known so his reputation was not damaged.
  • Napoleon is declared First Consul

    The Coup d’état established Napoleon as First Consul of France. Napoleon became the most powerful.
  • Napoleon's coup d'etat, overthrowing the Directory

    Napolean became aware that prominent members of the legislature were plotting against the Directory. THis was because the Directory was a weak dictatorship. Sieyes was a part of this group and he wanted a strong military ruler. He thought that Napoleon was ideal for the job. The conspirators and Napolean organized a takeover and they overthrew the Directory. Napoleon was therefore named first consul of the republic.
  • Napoleon is declared Emperor

    Napoleon used the wartime atmosphere, such as the Invasion of England, to have himself proclaimed emporer in late 1804.
  • Battle of Trafalgar

    Napoleon decided to renew war with Britain in May 1803, therefore he sent his armies to the French ports on the Channel and began to make preperations to invade England. Great Britain remained dominant on the seas. When Napoleon brought his fleet to northern France, a combined French and Spanish fleet was annihilated by Lord Nelson. Therefore, the invasion of England was impossible.
  • The Continental System is implemented

    After Napoleon defeated the Russians, he negotiated a treaty with Alexander of Russia. Alexander agreed that if the British continued war against France, Russia would join the Continental System of blockades and isolate Britain economically. This led to a reallignment of alliances.
  • Napoleon is defeated in Russia

    Napoleon and his huge army marched to Moscow. As the Russian army retreated, they destroyed or carried off anything that might be useful. As they retreated from Moscow, they set it on fire. Napoleon had counted on restoring his troops there during the long, harsh winter, but it was found desolate. Therefore, the French army suffered from starvation and the cold on their way back to France.
  • Napoleon is defeated at Leipzig (Battle of the Nations)

    Napoleon is defeated by approximately 320,000 allied troops, including Austrian, Prussian, Russian, and Swedish forces. This defeat resulted in the destruction of what was left of the French power in Germany and Poland.
  • Napoleon is exiled to Elba

    After Napoleon abdicated his throne, the victorious allies gave Napoleon the island of Elba as his own state. Elba was a tiny island off the coast of Italy. Napoleon was allowed to keep his title, and France was required to pay him 2 million francs yearly.
  • Spanish nationalists overthrow Napoleon

    Spanish nationalism emerged in the Spanish War of Independence against Napoleon.
  • Napoleon is exiled to St. Helena

    The allies crushed Napoleon's forces at Waterloo and imprisoned him on the rocky island of St. Helena. St. Helena was far off the coast of Africa.
  • Napoleon is defeated at Waterloo

    The allies united against Napoleon at Waterloo and crushed his forces at the end of the Hundred Days.