Napoleon Timeline

  • Italian Campaign

    Italian Campaign
    Napoleon lead French forces in a war against Russia, Austria, and Piedmont-Sardinia in Northern Italy. Napoleons army was outnumbered and they lost the battle.(red)
  • Egyptian Campaign

    Egyptian Campaign
    Napoleon led his army to defend French trade interests. Napoleon was forced to retreat as he faced a defeat. (Red)
  • Consulate

    The Consulate was the top level of government in France. They were established after the fall of the Directory in the coup of 18 Brumaire. (Green)
  • Banque de France

    Banque de France
    The Banque de France is the central bank in France. They created a law request for economic recovery. (Yellow)
  • Concordat of 1801

    Concordat of 1801
    Pope Pius VII and Napoleon made an agreement that ended the controversy with church reforms. It stayed in force until 1905. (Green)
  • Consul for life

    Consul for life
    Napoleon took the oath that he would become Consul for life to give himself a better image. (Green)
  • Napoleonic Code

    Napoleonic Code
    The Napoleonic code was the civil code for France. It stressed the importance of accessible law that was clearly written. (Green)
  • Declared self emperor

    Declared self emperor
    Napoleon took the crown out of Pope Pius VII hands and crowned himself and Josephine as Emperor and Empress. (Green)
  • Battle of Trafalgar

    Battle of Trafalgar
    The French and Spanish navies fought the British navy. Napoleons plan was to take over English land, but that didn’t work out. (Red)
  • Abolished Holy Roman Empire

    Abolished Holy Roman Empire
    Napoleon and the French destroyed the Holy Roman Empire after it stood for over 1000 years. (Green) Napoleon was successful in conquering abs defeating the Holy Roman Empire.
  • Continental System

    Continental System
    Napoleon blockaded countries from British trade. (Red) this backfired on Napoleon
  • Resistance in Spain

    Resistance in Spain
    French troops took Spain. This angered Spain greatly and will lead to war. Napoleon gained Spain. (Green)
  • Invasion of Russia

    Invasion of Russia
    Napoleon invaded Russia, but the Russians knew how Napoleon led an army and they used his tactics against him. Russia won in this brutal battle against France. (Red)
  • Battle of Nations at Leipzig

    Battle of Nations at Leipzig
    Napoleon was ambushed by multiple nations in this harsh battle. The French were forced to retreat in this battle. (Red)
  • Hundred Days

    Hundred Days
    Napoleon reentered France after being exiled and he took over the government again resulting in neighboring countries getting mad.☹️ Napoleon felt like he had to fight in order to catch them by suprise.😳 But this did not work out.😭 Leading to the kings restoration of power. 🥳 (red)
  • Waterloo

    Napoleon was defeated in this battle by the seventh coalition. The coalition was British led. This was the last battle of the Napoleon wars. (Red)
  • Abdication

    Napoleon was defeated in Waterloo and returned back to Paris. The government told Napoleon to abdicate his title of emperor. (Red)