Napoleon Timeline

  • Napoleon invades Italy

    Napoleon invades Italy
    Napoleon lead French troops into Italy. The French defeated the Austrians. As a result of the victory. France acquired Belgium from Austria and they also got hundreds of art and treasures from italy.
  • Egypt

    Napoleon sailed for Egypt where British troops were stationed. He won a great land victory there, but the British fleet defeated the French fleet. French secceeded in establishing their influence in Egypt. The French soldiers accompany Napolean discovered Rosetta Stone.
  • The Consulate

    The Consulate
    Napoleon set up new government called the Consulate. He placed himself at its head and took the title of First Consul. At this time Russia was no longer at war with France.
  • Austria

    Napoleon led French forces to victory over Austria.
  • Peace Treaty with Great Britian

    Peace Treaty with Great Britian
    Napoleon arranged peace treaty with Great Britian.
  • First Consul/ emperor

    First Consul/ emperor
    Napoleon asked people to elect him Firt Consul for life. They did so in a Plebiscite (popular vote). 2 yrs later, the French made Nepoleon emporor of France. His coronation was held at Notre Dame Cathedral.
  • Britian declares war on France

    Britian declares war on France
    Britian feeling threatend by Napoleon's action declared war on France. Great Britian was not able to stop Napoleon and his soldiers.
  • Napoleon crowns himself

    Napoleon crowns himself
    His cornation was at Notre Dame Cathedral. The Pope came to crown him but did not get a chance because Napoleon took the crown from the Pope and crowned himself.
  • Confederation of the Rhine

    Confederation of the Rhine
    Napoleon formed the Confederation of the Rhine. It consisted of a group that conquered German states.
  • Invaded Spain and portugal

    Invaded Spain and portugal
    Napoleon invaded Spain and Portugal.
  • Papal States, Pope in Prison

    Papal States, Pope in Prison
    Napoleon made the Papal States part of France and put the Pope in prison.
  • Great Britian

    Great Britian
    From 1809-1812 Great Britian remained undefeated by Napoleon Napoleon forbade the contries to tradewith Great Brtian (Nation of Shopkeepers) His order was unsuccessful.
  • Invaded Russia

    Invaded Russia
    Napoleon organized an army of about 600,000 soldiers of different nationalities. It was the largest army the world had seen yet. In the summer of 1812 the army invaded Russia. exceot for one battle, the Russians did not fight. They retreated drawing the French further into Russia. As the Russians retreated, they burned their villages and food suplies, leaving nothing for the advancing French. (scorched earth policy).
  • Moscow

    After the French arrived in Moscow the city caught fire destroying 3/4 of the city. French now had no food or shelter. Napoleon sent peace proposals but the russian ignored them.
  • French Freeze

    French Freeze
    Bitter Rusian winter starts. Hundreds of Thousands of French soldiers froze to death as temps went to 40 degrees below zero. Thousands more died of disease and lack of food. Fewer than 100,000 made it back to France.
  • Allies Join Together

    Allies Join Together
    Napoleon quickly raised another army but they were not well trained. they were defeated by the allied forces of Austria, prussia, Russia, and Great Britian. this was the first time the four countries had banned together to fight Napoleon.
  • Allies take Paris

    Allies take Paris
    Allies take paris, Napoleon forced to abdicate (give up the throne.) Napoleon was sent into exile to the small islanf of Elba off the coast of Italy. He managed to escape and gethered together enough troops to invade France. For 100 days Napoleon again rained as emperor.
  • Waterloo

    The allies, under British leadership of the Duke of Wellington, finally deafeated Napoleon.
  • Death

    Napoleon was sent to the island of St. Helena off the coast od Africa where he died.