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Napoleon Bonaparte

  • Period: to

    Life Span

  • Studies at the royal military Academy

  • Encole Militaire

  • Graduates from Ecole Militaire with the rank of second lieutenant in the artillery

  • Napoleon is given command of the French army in Italy

  • Paris mob storms the Bastille

  • Period: to

    Louis XVI is dethroned

    While in Paris with his regiment, Napoleon witnesses the storming of the Tuileries Palace and the dethroning of the French King, Louis XVI.
  • For his courage at an internal French battle at Toulon, Napoleon receives the new rank of brigadier general

  • Napoleon is promoted to General of the Army of the West

  • Napoleon marries Josephine

  • Napoleon wins the Battle of Lodi

  • Napoleon wins the Battle of Arcole

  • Napoleon wins the Battle of Rivoli

  • Napoleon draws up the Treaty of Campo-Formio with Austria

  • He returns to Paris a hero

  • Napoleon becomes First Consul of the new French government

  • Treaty with Austria signed at Luneville

  • Signing of the Concordat between France and Rome ends schism between the French government and the Catholic Church

  • Napoleon restructures French educational system

  • Senate proclaims Napoleon Emperor

  • New constitution adopted, making Napoleon First Consul for life

  • Period: to

    Emperor of the France

  • Napoleon crowns himself Emperor in Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris

  • Napoleon is crowned king of Italy in Milan

  • Victory in the Battle of Austerlitz against Austria and Russia

  • Napoleon names his brother, Joseph Bonaparte, king of Naples, and appoints other family members to various other posts

  • Beginning of French occupation of Portugal

  • Divorces Josephine

  • Marries Marie-Louise, Archduchess of Austria

  • Napoleon's son born, referred to as the "King of Rome"

  • Grand Army enters Moscow to find the city abandoned and set aflame by the inhabitants; retreating in the midst of a frigid winter, the army suffers devastating losses

  • Napoleon returns to Paris

  • Paris falls

  • Senate proclaims end of the Empire; Napoleon's wife and son flee Paris.

  • Napoleon is exiled to Elba; his wife and son take refuge in Vienna

  • Napoleon rallies the French army

  • Louis XVIII flees, Napoleon takes control, begins "Hundred Days" campaign

  • Napoleon is exiled to Saint Helena