• Napoleaons born

    Napoleon was born in Corsica. An island in the mediterranean.
  • Became captian

    Became captian
    He went through the ranks fast and became a captian
  • Commander of French army

    Commander of French army
    Became commander and Napoleon won a series of battles which he became famous for.
  • Returned to france

    Returned to france
    Returned to france as a hero and was given command of an army to invade Britain
  • Defeated by Brittish

    Defeated by Brittish
    Defeated by the brittish. Took part in a coup that overthrew the directory and set up a new government.
  • Crowned himself

    Crowned himself
    He crowned himself Emperoer Napoleon I
  • Civil code

    Civil code
    Seven law codes were created but the most important was the cicil code or Napoleonic code.
  • Grand Army

    Grand Army
    His grand army defeated Austrian, Prussian, and Russian armies
  • Master of Europe

    Master of Europe
    He was the master of europe from 1807 to 1812 and there were 3 major parts. French empire, dependent states, and allied states.
  • Dies

    Napoleon remains in exile until he dies in 1821.