My Timeline Josue Gavira

  • My first costume

    My first costume
    At this point in my life I don't remember much, but if my parents told me that my brother liked dragon ball z a lot and they decided to dress us up as goku, at that moment we were the envy of the whole neighborhood
  • traveling to Supia Caldas

    traveling to Supia Caldas
    This trip is one of those that I remember most of my misdemeanor, I used to sleep a lot on the road, I also used to eat so that by chance I wanted to vomit and stop on the road, they are moments with the family that will never be forgotten
  • turning 5 years old with the scary clown

    turning 5 years old with the scary clown
    I remember this party a lot because my parents brought a clown who killed from boredom, and the children bullied him and out of badness he took me to the back as to scare them, but the scared one was me
  • My friends in the kindergarten

    My friends in the kindergarten
    In this photo my first best friends are seen, they are the 2 boys who are next to me, I remember that I used to play a lot with them in the kindergarten, we were very close until we parted as soon as we left there, until today I don't even remember their names
  • in love with my teacher

    in love with my teacher
    the kindergarten teacher was my first love, I only went to the kindergarten to see her and pay attention in her class, she was always very aware of me and that's why I loved her
  • eleventh grade farewell

    eleventh grade farewell
    Here I meet three friends from the classroom, and we are celebrating that we were days away from graduating, it was one of the happiest moments to know that this stage had already ended