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  • My Birth!

    My Birth!
    I was born in seoul at 11 : 11 AM.
  • 100day picturre!

    100day picturre!
    I took a 100day picture.
    My mom said in that day I smiled very good.
    And I was a baby with chubby cheeks.
  • Baby food!

    Baby food!
    I ate first baby food.
  • My first teeth coming out!

    My first teeth coming out!
    When I had a first tooth, my mother and father was surprize and shouted. "Oh my gosh! That was cutest teeth on a world."
  • My first toddle walk

    My first toddle walk
    In 2002 new year first day, I walked!!!
    My mom and dad cried. Because they're so happy.
    My sister came to me and give huge hug.
  • My first birthday

    My first birthday
    In korea, when baby birthday, they had a big party for birthday.
    And everyone ate white ricecake(Baekseolgi).
    They do baby choose the one stuff and hold thing.
    It called Doljapyi.
    They belive that baby hold sutf when they grow it become their job.
    I catch the money!!!!!
    So, I believe when I grow I can get lots of money!!
  • Kindergarten

    Finally, I go to kindergaten.
    When I first go to kindergarten, I cried. Because It's my first time Seperated with my mother.
  • Car accident

    Car accident
    I had car accident when my grandgrandmother had her 90th party.
    My mom said It was very very very sad day in her life.
    My father cried.
    So I had operation.
  • Malaysia

    I went Malaysia with my mom and sister.
    It's my first time to ride a Airplane.
  • Don't ride stroller

    Don't ride stroller
    When I was 7years old, I stopped riding the stroller.
    It's so old to ride a stroller, but my mom said I love to ride stroller because If I ride stroller, I do not walk.
  • Go to school!!

    Go to school!!
    In 2008, i went to school for the first time.
    I'm so sad, Because I have to go to school and study every week.
  • Social Studies, Science and English

    Social Studies, Science and English
    When I was 10years old, In school I started to study Social Studies , Science and English
  • Four wheeled bicycle

    Four wheeled bicycle
    When I was In 3rd grade, I learn how to ride Four wheeled bicycle from my dad.
    My dad was hold Four wheeled bicycle and suddenly he let go.
    But I stiil ride alone. So, I got it. And happy.
  • My whole family went to Japan

    My whole family went to Japan
    During school days, My whole family went to Japan.
    But, my sister and I didn't go.
    Because of school. So, my grandparents took care of us.
  • THe ballet contest!

    THe ballet contest!
    I entered a contest when I was 11years old.
    When I was in the backstage, I was really nervous, But When I was on the stage I smiled really big and doing ballet.
  • Ride bicycle!

    Ride bicycle!
    When I was young I can just ride a Four wheeled bicycle.
    But, when I was 11years old I can ride a bicycle!
  • My grandmother died

    My grandmother died
    October second was my father's birthday.
    But, my father's mother was died on my father's birthday.
    So, my father was cried very much on his birthday.
  • New yearsday!!!!

    New yearsday!!!!
    In New yearsday, always my whole family gave the money to children when they bow to them.
    So... I got P12,500!!!!
  • Went to Philippines

    Went to Philippines
    It's my second time to come to Philippines.
    The first time was when I just looked if Phillipines is good or not.
    But this time is special because this time I will go to school and stay here. So I expect very much.
  • First time to go to Brent International School

    First time to go to Brent International School
    It's my first time to go to Philippines school,
    I was so nervous because it's an international school and not a korean school.
    So, I have to use English.
  • Played Flute

    Played Flute
    It was my first time to play the flute.
    First it was hard to play, but after one week it became easy to play so i thought it was really really fun.
  • Ballet Concert!!!!!

    It's my first time to do a concert in school.
    I did Esmeralda and Giselle.
    I was very nervous, because i did the concert in school.
    I thought I didn't do well but people said I was good.
  • Go to Korea!!!!

    Go to Korea!!!!
    My sister and I went to Korea and ate lots of food.
    We played with our families and friends.
    We had so great time.
  • Trip!!!

    When my Mom and Dad came to Philippines, we went to a trip to Manila.
    It was very fun. We went to Pagsanjan Falls and drunk coconut juice.
    We had a great time!!!!!!