my timeline

  • My first day

    I was born to my real parents in Feb. 12, 2000 and was named after my dad
  • Education

    I want to do a spectacular time when im in school until I finish because i want to have a good job so i can make good profit and finish my life goals.
  • 8th grade

    One of the classes i would like to take in 8th grade is math and Franch because im not really good at math and i want to learn three languages like franch.
  • Fresh men

    The high school I would like to go is shepard because one of the other high schools you have to pay alot and another one you have to live in Oak Lawn.
  • soccer

    My goal is to graduate high school and become a famous soccer player on the team Mexico.
  • French class

    I want to take franch class because I want to know three languages
  • Math

    I would like to study math more so I can understand stuff when im older like bills, and checks.
  • Graduation

    I want to graduate high school so I can and start my new life goals. I have to make new goals so I can do something when im older.
  • Scholarship

    I want to have a scholarship when Graduate from high school so I can go to college.
  • Goal # 1

    One of my life's future goal is to become a famous soccer player because I always like playing soccer since I was six years old.
  • Goal # 6

    Another goal is
  • Injurys

    Two obstacles that can stand in my is a broken leg and scholarship.
  • Goal # 5

    One of my other future goals is to get a great education so i can get a good job.
  • Goal # 3

    One of my life's goal is to graduate high school and college so that my parents can see what I did and accomplish.
  • College

    Someone who I want at my graduation is my whole family because I want them to see what I did and past.
  • Goal # 2

    Another of my life goals is to travel to Spain and Italy when im twnety four years old because I always wanted to.
  • Goal # 4

    For one of my future goals is to get a good job because I want to make a good profit like a bussiness man.