my time line

By ydidya
  • birth

    I was born a cold winter day at 12:19 pm in Lancaster Pennsylvania
  • Grandma leaves

    My Grandmother who lived with my family left Pennsylvania and came to Nashville to live with my cousins.
  • Moving to tennessee

    My family wanted to be closer to my cousins and Grandmother so we moved to Nashville, Tennessee
  • Grandmother dies

    My Grandmother went back to Ethiopia and died.
  • moving to las vegas

    I had a really fun time when i moved to Las Vegas since I lived with my cousins
  • Back to Nashville

    I moved back to Nashville and started 5th grade in middle school
  • Hair cut

    I cut my hair to my neck which was the shortest it ever been.
  • Going to Ethiopia

    I went to Ethiopia the first time since I was a child
  • Got my divers license

  • School starts in person again