My Technology Progression.

  • My first console

    When I turned three the neighbor brought over his playstation 1 and gave it to me because his wife said she didn't want him playing it anymore. I remember immediately getting sucked into spyro and i would play for hours. PLaying video games also taught me how to read because I needed to learn how to navigate the menus.
  • My first Ipod

    When I was 8 my grandfather gave me his old ipod after he got the new one. That was the first time I could listen to all my music whenever and wherever I wanted. From there on whenever I wasn't doing anything of importance I was listening to music.
  • My first Ipod touch.

    I got my first Ipod touch in 2008 after my friend got one and it blew my mind. I remember the first time I saw an Ipod touch. I was in my classroom with my buddy on one of the last days of school and we were watching "The Dark Knight" on it and the fact that i could see a movie on an ipod was a game changer. i also remember the zippo apps to make it look like you were holding a lighter or chugging a beer or shooting a gun. I had no idea that these devices would turn into the device that I daily.
  • My first Phone

    I got my first Phone when I was 10 and I remember how much the world opened up to me after that. I could call or text any of my friends and we could essentially hang out all the time now whether in person or over text or call. I got a super simple flip phone where I had to press the number button a certain amount of times to select the correct letter.
  • My first Iphone

    My first Iphone was a big deal because that introduced the element of social media to me for the first time. This was the start of being "glued to my Phone" I could do virtually anything from my phone. It was my ipod, my computer, calculator, camera, and it was a phone. It could do all of those things but also with apps it could then entertain me with games, movies, Tv. I didn't have to seek entertainment in many other electronics now.