My story

Timeline created by Starlord15
  • Birth

    I was born on April 15, 2003 at the hospital Dario Fernández
  • When i was hospitalized

    At six months I was given a common disease among babies that was the rotavirus and as a result I spent my first Christmas and new year admitted to the hospital
  • my first challenge

    When I entered elementary school, my sister was in her sixtieth year at the same school and I felt safe as she was with me but the next year she left and I felt scared
  • the next step

    Time after high school, one of the craziest and prettiest times of my life because there I met some great friends and experienced new things.
  • the tragedy

    I had to do my high school exam unfortunately I did not stay and I had to do it again but that year that I run out of school was one of the hardest because I got depressed and away from all the people
  • a new hope

    Thanks to all this to this day I can say that I am a strong person as I found how to feel at peace and that one of my failures is further learning