My side of the mountian

  • Sam learns to make fire.

    It's on pg15.
    In which I get started on this Venture."
    Sam learns how to make a fire with flint and steel with Bob {The Old man.}
  • The Old old tree that Sam is building in.

    Cahpter 5 pg37.
    Sam just thought ahead instead of wandering into space.
    Sam trying to build his house.
  • Sam finds gribley farm.

    'In which I dound Griply's farm." on pg26.
    It is important to Sam to find his great grandfather's farm because he wanted to live their like his gtand pa.
  • I find Many Useful Plants.

    Chapter 4.
    Sam is having an idea of what he should do to the tree because he wants something to live in.
  • chapter 8 "A Brief Account of What I did about the first Man who wass after Me"

    It's on pg59
    June 7th the man was close to his house in the tree.
    Sam was careful to not make the man to find him.
    Don't know about the real dates.
  • chapter 10

    How a Door Came To Me."
    Sam takes the Hunter's deer because the Hunter wasn't going to find it and he used for a door.
  • Chapter 9 "In which I learn to season my Food."

    Sam learns to season his foods.
    Sam is attacked by the Baron Weasle because he trapped him in a cage.
  • My side of the mountian

    Chapter 11
    "In Which Frightful learns her ABC's."
    pg 74.
    Sam's training Frightful so she could listen to Sam.
    Sam's makes a deer skin suit.
  • chapter 12

    "In Which I find a Real Life Human"
    He founded a man close to his tree and Sam called him Bando.
  • I meet my own kind and have a terrible time getting away

    Sam found a women picking strawberries she wanted him to help her to pick strawberries.Sam is interested in the King Hunter bird.
    June 4th or 5th the house is done.
  • "The King's provider is me.

    On Pg52
    Miss Truner cuts Sam's hair when he came back to the library.
    Sam climbs up a cliff to get a king hunter bird.
    Sam was attacked by the mother of the birds.
  • "Autumn Provides Food and loneliness"

    Chapter 13.
    pg 103.
    October 16 Sam going to make a fireplace.
    Sam builts a fireplace on October 19.
  • "In which I Find Out What To Do with the First Hunter."

    Pg 121.
    Chapter 15
    The hunting season began and Sam is using the Hunter's to get the deer and he will hide it away from the Hunter's so he can make a blanket and a Jacket.
  • "We all learn about Halloween."

    pg 112
    Chapter 14.
    Sam host a halloween party and put a plate outside so the animals could get the food.
  • Sam holed up in a snowstorm

    "I Hole up in a Storm." December
    Sam wrote the first part of chapter on December 5th or 4th on pg8.
    He left on May 4th or 5th.
  • " In Which Trouble Begins."

    Pg 127.
    Chapter 16.
    Sam made a new friend at the drugstore while he was at the magazine asile.
    Sam forgots about the firewood when Sam returns to his house.
  • "In Which I Pile Up Wood and Go On With Winter.

    Sam is going to get wood by chopping trees.
  • "I Learn About Birds and People."

    Bando comes back to visit him on Christmas Eve and Sam's dad shown up.
    Bando read some newspaper clips about him leaving home.
  • "In Which I Have the First Look at Winter and Find Spring In The Snow.

    Pg 157.
    sam seen a Great Horn-owl on the top of the tree and he hit it with a stick.
    Feburary 10 Sam thinks the great horned owls have eggs.
    Februray 11 Sam climbed the tree to see if their eggs in the nest.
    Februrary 12 The two great horned owls have eggs in their nest.
  • "More About Spring the Spring in the Winter and the end of my story"s End."

    Sam not living in the store house."
    April is no more.
    Sam begins to make syrup for his pancakes.
  • "In which I coporate with the Stroy's end."

    Sam met Mac on the mountians.
    Sam and Mac started to do stuff.
  • "In Which the City comes to me."

    Some reporters started to talk to them and started to ask questions.
    His Mom and father and his family started to live their with him but not in the tree but with a cabin.