My Professional Career

Timeline created by cassiejo45
  • College Graduation

    On this day, I graduated from Marshall University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Marketing
  • My First Job out of College

    I began working for Stewart Enterprises on this day. This was far from my ideal job choice but I knew I had to take what I could get at this point because of the condition our economy was in.
  • Better Job

    On this day I began working as a Chemical Operator at Clearon Corp. in South Charleston, West Virginia. Being a college graduate this was still not my ideal job; however, the pay was really good and had great benefits so I decided I should take on this next step.
  • Job I've Been Looking for

    On this day I began working for MedFusion RX as a Pediatric Sales Specialist. This was a job that was much closer to what I went to school for and something that I felt I would really enjoy doing. I would be making the same amount of money as I was at the chemical plant so I decided to take the offer and run with it. Much to my surprise, 3 months after starting this career the company had to lay off over 200 people which affect me. I was now back to square one in a broken economy.
  • Job of my dreams

    On this day I took a position with Massey Coal Company of a Safety Director over their surface mines and it was a dream come true. I love my job, the people I work with, and the company I work for. My pay rate was great, benefits that I didn't even knew still existed, and a company truck to drive. All of my dreams have finally come true.