My personal and worldly timeline

  • I was Born. YAY!!!!

    I was Born.  YAY!!!!
    I was born in Ajax,Ontario at 12:30 in the afternoon. My parents were very happy when I was born because I was there first daughter and their only daughter.
  • Period: to

    My pesonal and worldly time span

  • Breaking my Rist

    Breaking my Rist
    On the way home from my grndmas house my cousen and I stoped by the park. I really wanted to do the minkey bars so I tried to do them. I wasn't tall enough to reech the monkey bars so I jumped up to grab them. I almost had a stronge grip to do them but I slipped off and landed on my rist. I got winnded and my rist broke.
  • Eyafjallajökull volcano erupted in Iceland

    Eyafjallajökull volcano erupted in Iceland
    After this volcano having been dormant for almost 200 years,the subglacial eruption that produced large ash plumes that drifted over Europe and forced an unprecedented closure of airspace over most of Europe for several days. The planes could not fly because of the ash and people could not fly home.
  • Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

    Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico
    The Deepwater Horizon oil well exploded in the Northern Gulf of Mexico, killing eleven people and triggering an oil spill that would continue for a while.Approximately 4.9 million barrels of oil spilt into the water.This tragedy drew the attention of the whole world to this beautiful region with its spectacular aquatic landscapes and wildlife.
  • Traviling with my Family

    Traviling with my Family
    My family andI travel to places (Mostly in the summer).It is really fun. I learn about places thet I have never been to before and I also enjoy it. Somtimes we go on planes or somtines we take the van. I will always remember thoes memories with my family.
  • PP2 Escaping

    PP2 Escaping
    during March Break Princess Pickles bedroom broke offf the cage when she was in it. She escaped and she chewed open her food bag witch was in a tall bucket, then climbed into the drwaer and at mt brothers exbox remotes. The reason why I know is because when we came back it was like a puzzle. First we found bag bits in her cage, then we found the food bag open, the last thing is my brother found his xbox joy sticks chewed up.
  • PP2 Dying

    PP2 Dying
    I came hime from school and I went to see my Princess, but when I called her name she didn't wake up. So I took her out of the cage and she was curled up in a ball. I tried to feed her but she didn't take it so I knew that she was dying. I didn't want to believe it but everything has their course in life and hers was sadly over.
  • Wikileaks

    WikiLeaks is a non-profit media organization dedicated to bringing important news and information to the public.They have published material of ethical, political and historical significance while keeping the identity of their sources anonymous, thus providing a universal way for the revealing of suppressed and censored injustices.
  • Earth Quake in Hati

    Earth Quake in Hati
    There was a huge earth quake witch destroyed alot of Hati. The whole world helped them by giving food and suplies. The are still trying to clean up the mess that it caused.