My Personal and Worldly Timeline

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  • I Was Born

    I Was Born
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    My Personal and Worldly Timespan

  • 9-11

    This event happened when 3 planes flew into the Twin Towers (World Trade Centre) which are located in New York situated in lower Manhatten. A terrorist group called Al Quaeda wanted to be feared.This impacted the world a great deal because many people died.
  • Splitting My Head Open

    Splitting My Head Open
    I split my head open at my grandmas house which is located in goderich. Last month Goderich was hit by an F3 tornado, luckly only 2 people died. It happened when I slipped on a magazine and hit my head on a hinge. It impacted me because now I have a scar on my forehead.
  • I Caught My First Fish

    I Caught My First Fish
    I caught a 2 lb. smallmouth bass. I caught it in Muskoka on Lake Portage. It impacted me because now I love to fish.
  • My Dog Died

    My Dog Died
    My dog died of old age. She died in the master bathroom shower. She was named Terra. Her death has impacted me because I really miss her.
  • The War In Iraq

    The war in Iraq was started because President Bush thought
  • Tsunami In Thailand

    Tsunami In Thailand
    In Thailand there was a huge 15 foot tsunami. The tsunami was caused by a tectonic from two fault lines in the Indian Ocean. It impacted the world because many towns and people were destroyed.
  • Starting Karate and Grappling

    Starting Karate and Grappling
    I started Karate for self defense. I started Grappling for the same reason but for ground fighting. I train at Team Canada Blackbelt Institute located in Oshawa, Ontario. It has impacted me personaly because now I can defend my-self really well.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    Hurricane Katrina slammed into the west coast. It was a huge tropical storm. It impactrd New Oleans the most, but it impacted the world because many many people died, were wounded, or lost their homes.