My past, present, and future

By CatZoo
  • My birth!

    My birth!
    I was born around 1 a.m. on February the 28th of 1995 in Toronto General Hospital.
  • Catherine, the traveller

    Catherine, the traveller
    This was my first time on an airplane because my aunt was getting married in Banff, Alberta. The only thing I remember from that trip was wearing matching outfits with my brother and throwing rocks into the lake.
  • My first house

    My first house
    My family and I moved from an apartment to a nice house in Scarborough. I would spend most of my life in that house and meet tons of new friends in the area.
  • Catherine, the doctor?

    Catherine, the doctor?
    Ever since I remember my dad told me I was going to be a doctor when I grew up. This drove me crazy when I was younger. I felt like I had no choice. Now I actually plan on listening to him. I looked at many other options and realized that Dr. Catherine Zhu might be a possiblity. I am smart enough to achieve the title and I am self motivated. My family also supports me 100%, especially my dad.
  • My first day of school

    My first day of school
    This was the day when I started kindergarten! I was not looking forward to not being able to watch my cartoons all day long, but I did have a great time in kindergarten!
  • Catherine, the artist

    Catherine, the artist
    My mom signed me up for art classes and I had so much fun. The teacher there was so warm and welcoming. She was also assisted by her son who had the same qualities as his mom. These lessons helped me with my art skills I have today.
  • Catherine, the ballerina

    Catherine, the ballerina
    My mom signed me up for ballet lessons which I really enjoyed. I was never the best dancer, but I had a lot of fun dancing and meeting new people. Unlike my other lessons, I didn't quit because I wanted to. If I stuck with ballet I could have been on pointe, which upsets me. I owe a lot to ballet.
  • My first instrument

    My first instrument
    My friend started playing the piano around this time and I wanted to play too. My parents bought me a piano and this is how I fell in love with music.
  • My first trip to China

    My first trip to China
    My parents haven't been back to China ever since they came to Canada. During this trip I learned a lot about how they lived their childhood and where they lived. I was young at the time so I did not appreciate or remember what they tought me. I also met a lot of new family members. I would like to go back with them soon.
  • Lost family member

    Lost family member
    My grandmother from my dad's side of the family was an influential person in my life, even thought she lived in China. My parents always told me I was exactly like her, from our flat feet, to our facial features. I was sad she passed away, but lucky I saw her before she did.
  • My second instrument

    My second instrument
    In my old elementary school we had a choice of playing a string instrument or a wind one. I chose string because it was cleaner and my brother played the viola. I was never motivated to play my violin, so I never expected to be a music student in high school. However, when I moved I forgot how to play.
  • Time to move

    Time to move
    On this day I moved from Scarborough to Markham. I was extremely sad to move from my friends I grew up with and the house I grew up in. When I passed by my old house, I started to cry because of all the memories I had.
  • My third instrument

    My third instrument
    When I came into my new elementary school (Unionville Public School), we didn't have a choice of instrument. We only had wind ones, which I was not looking forward to. Originally I wanted to play the clarinet, but there were too many of them, so I had to play the flute. My first year on the flute was a disaster. I remember getting a C+ (which was rare for me) in music, but I did not care. My second year was completely a different story. I got the highest mark in music, and 96%.
  • My first pro sports game

    My first pro sports game
    This is when my love of sports really began. My dad brought me to my first professional sports game. The Raptors were facing the Portland Trail Blazers and I was not looking forward to going. The Raptors won in double overtime and I became a sports fan.
  • My first piano exam

    My first piano exam
    I did my first ever practical piano exam on this day. I was extremely nervous but ready for this new experience!
  • My first bike ride

    My first bike ride
    The expression 'better late than never' came into play during this date. I was finally learning how to ride a bike after all those years of lying to my friends and telling them I was busy when they asked me to ride with them.
  • Braces

    I got braces on this day, and I was ready for a new smile!
  • Elementary School Graduation

    Elementary School Graduation
    On this day I graduated elementary school and was proud I made! I was also ready to get out of that small school into a bigger school with new people to meet.
  • First day of high school

    First day of high school
    I was ready to start fresh in high school! Hardly anyone from my elementary school was going to Markville, so I was scared to meet new people. I was the new kid before, and that is what prepared me for high school. I met a lot of new friends and was extremely excited for the next four years.
  • My first NHL game

    My first NHL game
    I am a huge hockey fan (go Leafs go) and I went to my very first National Hockey League game at the Air Canada Centre on this day. The Leafs lost to the Buffalo Sabres in overtime, but I had a great time!
  • My first music theory exam

    My first music theory exam
    I had to do a Royal Conservatory of Music theory exam (advanced rudiments to be exact) in order to officially pass grade 7 and 8 piano. This took months of studying, and I'm proud to say I passed (with a respectable 75%)!
  • Catherine, the pitcher

    Catherine, the pitcher
    This was my very first baseball game and I was lucky enough to throw out the first pitch. Sadly, the Blue Jays lost to the Yankees, but it would turn out to be the best day of my life.
  • My fourth instrument

    My fourth instrument
    I knew I wanted to take music throughout high school, and I got jealous of people who were allowed to switch instruments. I never wanted to play the flute in the first place, so when my teacher needed a bassoon player, I was right on it. It did not take me long to learn it, and I plan on playing it until I graduate.
  • My new smile :D

    My new smile :D
    I was finally ready to show off my new teeth! My braces came off on this day.
  • My Sweet 16th!

    My Sweet 16th!
    I turned 16 on this day and I was ready to have new responsibilies!
  • Licensed to drive

    Licensed to drive
    On this day I got my G1 and was ready to hit the road! Even though I have never drove a car before...
  • Last day of piano!

    Last day of piano!
    Around this day I plan on doing my grade 8 practical piano exam which will be the last time I will play the piano. I can get a high school credit if I pass, and my goal is to pass. This goal is attainable since I have already started playing my songs and will be practicing vigorously over the Summer. This goal is realistic because I believe in myself and will work hard to pass. Since there are only four times a year you can do the exams, January, or Winter 2012, will be the best time.
  • Senior year

    Senior year
    This will be the starting day of the most important school year of my life. I plan on getting an average of 85% or higher. I can measure my grades online or by asking my teachers. This is attainable and realistic since I have never gotten a grade lower than 80% in high school, yet. I am also a motivated and hard working student. I plan to get this by graduation.
  • Graduation

    I plan to graduate before this date and get accepted to University. University's accept students before they graduate which is what I can measure my success by. I can attain this by working hard and getting by grades to where I want them to be. This is realistic since I am a good student.
  • Catherine, the adult

    Catherine, the adult
    This will be the date when I turn into an adult. I will have bigger responsiblities which I look forward to!
  • The start of a new chapter: my 20th birthday!

    The start of a new chapter: my 20th birthday!
    I will turn 20 on this day and I plan on turning my goals into reality before this date.