My line of time

Timeline created by karol yurani sanchez
  • my birth

    my birth
    I was born on december 30th of 2000, in Bogota
  • My studies

    My studies
    I started my studies at Grandes Personitas School from preschool to fifth grade, after that i entered at San Gabriel School and nowodays im in eleven grade
  • my firts communion

    my firts communion
    i did my first communion on november 23th of 2010, in cajica
  • My family

    My family
    my family nucleus is conformed by my dad, mom and my brother
  • My confimation

    My confimation
    I did my confirmation on november 17th of 2019, in cajica
  • nowadays

    now i like to share my time with my family and friends, my favorite color is black, my favorite food is pizza, i love animals, i have three pets, for my future i wish to star my millitar career