My Life Timeline

  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born in Bangkok Thailand. On October 9,2000. I had to thank my mom and dad because if it wasn't for them I won't even be alive! They, sometimes get me things that I don't like. And they take me to travel alot of countries like Australia, Newzealand and japan.
  • When my brother is born

    When my brother is born
    My brother was born on March 29 2002. I was very happy because now I have a brother. Sometimes now we fight almost
    every day. Sometimes we fight because we don't share each other. And sometimes we argue.
  • Came to RIS

    Came to RIS
    I am thanking my mom and dad for signing me up for a very very good school. This school taught me alot of things like English and thai cultures. They also taught me what's bad and what's good like bullying is bad beacause makes others feel bad. And whats good is you have to share. They also sometimes teach me what I already know.
  • Went to my first air show

    Went to my first air show
    I love it because I always love jet fighters of any kind. When we got there I can I dentify all planes that my parents not, like this picture these are F-16 fighting falcons. My friend named boom also like airplanes but he likes the passenger airplanes.
  • Went to Chiang mai

    Went to Chiang mai
    At chiang mai I had fun. I get to Pull out my own strawberry and I get to eat them too. The biggest ones are mostly rotten. Some of them are not. The ones that are not rotten taste very good.
  • Singapore soccer tournament

    I was in the u11 soccer team. And my team also won! When we went there our face was burning because of the sun there. After the soccer team went back we stayed alittle while longer. Because we wanted to go to the hotel MARINA BAY SANDS which is very popular and very hard to book.
  • Went to Newzealand

    Went to Newzealand
    I had alot of fun because we went skiing on high mountains and we get to play giant tubes we sit on and come down from snow slopes. We also played sled down from hills at that snowy mountain. It was -12 degrees so that's why my nose was freezing. And it was so hurt that my mom had to get a blanket and cover my nose. When we were going back it was so sad because we were still having fun.
  • Motor show/famous cars

    Motor show/famous cars
    This is so cool because I get to see Transformers cars and alot of intresting cars like Mr.Bean's and BAD BOYS Porche 911. We also cars like from the transformers. And from the mortor show I learned that some old cars can be faster than new cars. Old sam's car inthe movie transformer can be faster than MR.Beans
  • Finished all diary of a wimpy kid

    Finished all diary of a wimpy kid
    I was so sad because I wish that Jeff Kinney would write unlimited Diary Of A Wimpy Kid's. Because I like diary of a wimpy kid so much that I could read a whole book in one day. What I like about the book is that some parts are very funny and you could read it for hours becuase the book has 217 in it.
  • Natural disasters project

    Natural disasters project
    Natural disasters project is alot of fun because you get to watch movies, play natural disaters games. My natural disaster is the avalanche. My group has 3 people Me, Earth and Jack. Sometimes jack fool's around and we just wasted the whole period. Like from beggining to End.
  • I broke my mom's curtain

    I broke my mom's curtain by swining on it. I swing on it becuse on that time in the tv ther was TARZAN on! And when I wung on it the whole curtain fell on me because I was too heavy. And the small bit fell on my head. Like thousands of them.
  • I joined Phoenix golf team

    I joined Phoenix golf team
    First that day I felt shy. Because I did not know the coach or any members in the Phoeniw golf team. I only knew Harry because he is also in grade four and we are very close friends. On grade 1 we were in the same class. But that day I also won him in that game!
  • Earthquake hits Newzealand

    My mom is worried beacause we had a house an Newzealand. We ask our cousins to go check it out but they said that things only fall down like DVD"s and plastic cups so not allot of damage.
  • Aftershock hits Thailand

    When there was the aftershock I was sleeping by then! Some of the friends told me that they felt the earthquake when they were eating dinner or when they are sleeping the earthquake shook their lights to shake.
  • Earthquake hits Burma

    First the Earth quake hits burma then the after shock hits Thailand. In the news it says that a roof fell on the man and was killed.
  • Won in golf game

    I won in that golf game. You want to know why? I was the oldest one. That day we went to a Par3 golf course. Pol which is my brother brought his friend too! His friend was named Raksit. In my group was ME, Pol, Pun and Raksit.
  • Report of nuclear radiation

    I was so scared because I thought the radiation would come to Thailand and we will all perish! But when I ask my parents they told me that Japan is sooo far away that it would be almost impossible for the radiation to reach Thailand.
  • Mega Earthquake hits japan

    Mega Earthquake hits japan
    MY dad and mom is very worried because My aunt lives in japan and My dad's friend also lives there. He called them and they told my dad that they were ok.
  • First BISAC Golf Tournament

    First BISAC Golf Tournament
    I first went to BISAC golf tournament, it did'nt go so well because I got the last place trophy! Coach told me that after BISAC there will be another tournament on may 15th may. When I heard abot that I practiced almost everyday.
  • I went to splash Jungle at Phuket

    I went to splash Jungle at Phuket
    That trip was like sooooooooooooooooo fun because at splash jungle there are alot of kinds of slides you could go to. I like the one that looks like a letter "U". Where you get to sit on a tube and go down from steep slides.