My Life Events

  • Prenatal development and birth

    I was born at 10 p.m. on this day, My parents always tell me the story about when I was born I came out very loud, kicking and screaming. Which describes my personality now. I love to sing and I danced for many years, and I am not afraid at all to express my feelings about something.
  • The First two years

    Biosocial- I was a colicky baby, I didn't like everyone to hold me, and I didn't get much sleep.
    cognitive- I was learning to walk and crawl. I have watched some home vidoes and I have an older brother who I would watch and mimick.
    Psychosocial- I was aware of who my parents are and who weren't. I had some of my family members babysit me and I was familiar with them and would no longer cry.
  • Play Years: Early Childhood

    Biosocial- I became very familiar with healthy food and was aware that my mom made me eat that. I had never had fast food, chips or cookies, unless it was a birthday party. My mom did not buy any of that growing up, but I remember all my friends having them
    Cognitive- I realized that I was very good at reading. I loved to read books and became attracted to book series. I read very fast and very well. Became part of a library book club.
  • Play years-psychosocial

    Psychosocial- I was learning right from wrong. I stole a pencil from my teacher and I remember feeling really bad and crying and I wrote her a letter to say I was sorry
  • Middle Childhood

    Biosocial- I started to get lose teeth, but my teeth were very stubborn and many of them would not fall out on their own, and everytime I went to get my teeth clean they would notice, and pull them out for me. I stopped liking my dentist (:
    Cognitive- I became more coordinated and interested in sports. Learned to ride my bike without training wheels when I was about 7 with my older brother.
    Psychosocial- Started to worry about how I dressed, started to pick out and buy my own clothes.
  • Adolescence

    Biosocial- I went through a body change, woman things. I started to devleop different, deeper emotions towards people. Became more aware with my body and what I was eating and working out.
  • Adolescence 2

    cognitive- Started to set goals for myself, found out what I was good at (hobbies and sports), really liked to sing. Started to sing competively with friends. psychosocial- Got in a lot of fights with my parents and drifted away from my mom. Got my first boyfriend in 5th grade, who I've actually been dating for the past three years.
  • Emerging Adulthood

    Biosocial- Got really into sports, played volleyball and cheer, tried out softball and tennis. My body felt better being more active.
    Cognitive- Became very into school, and my grades. Decided that I want to go into the medical field and go to U of M or MSU for college, and now currently go to MSU. Was on the honor roll and student council, I really liked school.
    Psychosocial- Got more freedom from my parents, started making more decisions on my own.
  • Adulthood

    Biosocial- Started a serious relationship with my current 3 year boyfriend. Trying to eat healthy and devleop a good lifestyle.
    Cognitive- Trying very hard in school to get into the Nursing program. Got a job as a student nurse at a hospital, learning a lot of new things that validate my dream to go into healthcare.
    Psychosocial- Was a caregiver for my grandma with cancer, which was very difficult. Trying to get a better relationship with my mom that we lost a few years back.
  • Late Adulthood

    I am currently only 19, so I have not hit late adulthood yet however I have seen my parents go through it.
    Biosocial- Your body starts to slow down a little bit and you have to cut back on things you're doing. My parents are both marathon runnings and exercise a lot and they have been getting injured more and more lately and have realized that they can run as much or as hard as they used to without the consequences.
  • Late Adulthood2

    Cognitive- My dad has been switching from job to job, trying a bunch of new things, possibly a "mid-life crisis" sort of thing. Realizing he is getting old and wants to fit in everything he can now.
    Psychosocial- Women tend to go through menopause and men also slow down, I have seen my parents get kind of down about getting old and may be afraid of dying.
  • Death and Dying

    Biosocial- Your body is now deteriorating and your immune system does not work as well, so you can't fight things off very well, your bones are brittle and easily breakable and you tend to get very weak and tired. I have two grandparents still living and they are 90 and 91, and they are in awesome shape however my grandpa has been sick a few times and he has has knee problems and hand problems and a bunch of things that come with age.
  • Death and Dying 2

    Cognitive- Most elderly people tend to just sit around and not do much becasue they get very weak and tired with old age.
    Psychosocial- Some may be afraid of dying and get very depressed with old age, or some may embrace the time they have left in the world.
    - I have recently lost a grandmother to cancer, she was only 76 and in great shape, it was a really tough thing to endure, I was there with her when she passed and she was not really aware of what was really happening to her, it was very sad