Elizabeth Henline moments and memories

  • My birth

    My birth
  • Started Walking

    Started Walking
  • 1st Vacation

    1st Vacation
    I went out east to Vermount and Canada with my Mom and her parents to visit my Great Aunt and Great Uncle
  • Moved

    Moved to Byron Center into a neighborhood from Wyoming.
  • Brother was born

    Brother was born
    My little brother Trey was born.
  • Started Pre School

    Started Pre School
    Started my first day of school.
  • 1st year playing T-Ball

    1st year playing T-Ball
    Started playing T-Ball with a few of my friends.
  • 911

  • Graduated From Kindergaden

    Graduated From Kindergaden
  • Camping with family and friends

    Camping with family and friends
    Went camping at Double JJ Ranch, with my best friends Brandon and Summer.
  • Went to Glen Lake

    Went to Glen Lake
    Went to Glen Lake and Sleeping Bear Dunes to visit my Grandparents.
  • 1st Concert

    1st Concert
    Went to the Kenny Chesney concert with my mom.
  • Got my Dog

    Got my Dog
    Got my dog Daisy
  • New York

    New York
    Went to New York City to see family with my best friend Rachel.
  • School trip to Chicago

    School trip to Chicago
  • Obama elected President

    Obama elected President
  • Went to Mackinaw

    Went to Mackinaw
    Went camping with my best friend Summer and her family at Mackinaw.
  • Diagnosed with Scoliosis

    Diagnosed with Scoliosis
    I was Diagnosed with Scoliosis, went i went in for a check up.
  • Mission Trip

    Mission Trip
    Went on my first mission trip with my youth group to New Mexico. Its also had the greatest impact on my life.
  • Foriegn Exchange Student

    Foriegn Exchange Student
    Had an exchange student from Germany stay with my family for a couple of weeks.
  • Got my licence

    Got my licence
  • Moore, Oklahoma tornado

    Moore, Oklahoma tornado