My Life

By mslavik
  • Period: to

    Stay-at-home mom

    I was a homemaker and volunteer at my children's elementary school in Schoolcraft, MI until my daughter was almost 11 years old and my son was 9. (Psychosocial)
  • Trip to Europe

    I will go to Europe and see the Castles.
  • My Retirement Party!

    I will work as long as I can to stay active and healthy. (Psychosocial Development)
  • Move to Florida

    I will move to Florida to enjoy my retirement and live out the rest of my days. (Psychosocial Development)
  • Alaska Trip

    I will take a month-long trip to Alaska in which I will rent an RV and explore the entire state from Juneau to Barrow. (Psychosocial Development)
  • My First Grandchild's Wedding Day

    I'm gonna dance like nobody's watching! (Psychosocial Development)
  • My Funeral

    I will pass at the ripe old age of 100. Longevity runs in my family. Biosocial Development