My Life

  • My life

    My name is Ryan Doy, i am 17 years old & i was born on June 3rd, 1997. I was born in Chicago Illinois where i resided for about 14 to 15 years up until the end of my freshman year when i moved to Southern Indiana, I attended my entire first year of high school in chicago then moved to Indiana where i have attended the last three years of my high school education and where i will also graduate high school in about a month and then hopefully attend college. Some of my favorite hobbies that
  • Birth

    I first started my life out living in Chicago Illinois where i of course was born. I lived there up until after I completed my first year , my freshman year of high school in which i attended at Plainfield Central High School in illinois. That same summer Myself, My mother , & my younger sister decided we needed a change of scenery, so we moved down to Mount Vernon Indiana
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    My Life

  • growing up

    Growing up i have learned a lot of things from both my heredity & my environment. Growing up in a large city like Chicago can teach you so many things. There are a lot of important things that i have learned over the years just from being in the city for so many years. Here are a few of those things that i have mentioned One of the important things that my environment has taught me over the years is that i am really good when it comes to being around a large group of people. I think this is
  • preschool

    I believe that if i had a choice of babysitting infants, toddlers, or preschoolers i think that i would have to choose preschoolers. There are a few good reasons as to why i would prefer this age group over others, for one , a lot of this reasoning has to do with the fact that preschoolers are far more advanced in just about every aspect of human nature possible. They can do way more both physically & intellectually. First, preschoolers are far more intellectually advanced compared to toddlers
  • Age 8

    In order to let Maddy have more experience in making more friends the parent should allow her to join an activity that allows her to be around a group of boys and girls her own age and hopefully have some sort of connection with these kids. some examples that may or may not be helpful would be like a sports team , however it is also very important to let her choose the sport so that she knows that the parent or legal guardian cares about what she wants and is not just making it about hersel
  • graduating high school

    Some of the three most important life events that have happened throughout the years from ages twelve to twenty years old include moving from one state to another, graduating from Mount Vernon Senior High School in 2015, & graduating from college six years later in the year of 2021 with a degree in psychology.
  • graduating community college

    Upon graduating i enrolled in Ivy Tech for 2 years & graduated from there two years later
  • graduated from USI

    transferred to USI in which i attended the university for 4 more years making my college education a total of 6 years.
  • 3oth birthday

    Dear 30 Year Old Self, How are things going? Hopefully you are living independently by now with a stable job, a decent living area and a somewhat decent car. Hopefully you committed to your dreams & have finished your 6 years of college that you started out with, maybe you are dating a nice girl that you like a lot & maybe you will start a nice family together. but if not then thats okay too.
  • 60th birthday

    Dear 60 year old self, How’s it going? Hopefully by now you are Retired from your job & happily married. if not than that’s okay too but i hope by now that you have enough money in your retirement funds or savings account that you have saved over time that you are off somewhere in a warmer state hopefully in a city like florida by the beach, i also hope you are in very good health and are not on the verge of dying. sincerely your younger self.