My Life as I imagined it

  • Sam is Born

    Sam is Born
    I was born on December 14th 1993 at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring Maryland. My mother had been on four level D psychiatric drugs prior to my birth, so my healthy delivery was a miracle. My father was Samuel Rodell Thomas Sr. and my mother was Debra Roxanne Brown.
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    Trust vs. Mistrust

  • Period: to

    Age 1-10

  • Father Leaves

    Father Leaves
    My father had been using drugs since about 11 years of age. His addiction had caused him to sell most of the items in the apartment for drug money. He had even pawned his wedding ring for drug money. He left in the middle of the night. He was later arrested and put in jail, so I grew up without a father for about 8 years.
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    Autonomy vs. Shame

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    Initiative vs. Guilt

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    Industry vs. Inferiority

  • Mother re-Marries

    On this day my mom married my dad Timothy Marsh. This provied a father figure for me to look up to. I was the best man at the wedding and got to walk my mom down the isle.
  • My Journey Begins

    My Journey Begins
    At age 10 I decided that I wanted to become a Pokemon Master. I wanted to be the very best, like no one ever was. To catch them was my real test, to train them was my cause. I'd travel across the land, searching far and wide. For these pokemon, to understand, the power that's inside. Through my journey I found a sense of purpose.
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    Age 10-20

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    Identity vs. Role Confusion

  • I save the Princess

    I save the Princess
    On my journey to catch 'em all, I met a wizard who transported me back in time to another dimmension. Here I was out of place as a pokemon trainer, so I sought to find myself. On my journey of self relization, I met the Great Deku Tree who instructed me to rid the world of evil. I readilly accept this challenge and embark on a long and perrilous journey to rid the land of the evil Ganondorf.
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    Intimacy vs. Isolation

  • I Join the Resistance

    I Join the Resistance
    After my Quest in Hyrule, the wizard transported me back to the future. I thought I would be able to resume my life, but an evil race of aliens had taken over the planet and the human race was fighting for survival. I quickly enlisted in the resistance.
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    Age 20-30

  • I Get Promoted

    I Get Promoted
    On my 23rd birthday I get promoted to Master Cheif of the resistance. I have dedicated my life to fighting for survival, and thus have never been able to settle down and find a lover. But I remember that my sacrifice is for the greater good of mankind, so my loss is humanity's gain
  • The War is Over!!

    The War is Over!!
    Today was the final defeat of the alien menace. I changed my name to Sam Fisher and started to do covert work for the U.S government.
  • Finally Married

    Finally Married
    I met a crytogrophist soon after my employment with the U.S government, and we began to date shortly. After two years we were married! Happy day!
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    Age 30-40

  • I Retire

    My life has been a non-stop roller coaster ride of action and danger. I decided to retire from active service to spend time with my dear wife and young daughter Sarah
  • My Wife Dies

    My wife had been batteling cancer for three years and finially lost the battle on this day.
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    Generativity vs. Stagnation

  • I Re-Join the Service

    I Re-Join the Service
    After the death of my wife, I was feeling depressed. I met a man named Adam Lambert, a high ranking officer in NSA, and he offered me a new job based on my outstanding military history. He wanted me to become a Splinter Cell, a super-secret branch of NSA.
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    Age 40-50

  • I Become the Hunted

    I Become the Hunted
    Because of my outstanding military and combat expreience, a rouge race of aliens known as the Predators captures me and sends me to their game preserve planet to be hunted down. I, along with the other operatives captured turn the tables on the Predators and take them out instead.
  • We Get the Band back Together

    We Get the Band back Together
    After my run in with the Predators, I returned home and started up my own team of specail operatives. We were mercenaries for hire and among the many missions we undertook, the one in Cuba was the most exciting
  • I Retire for Real

    I Retire for Real
    My days of action and adventure are finally over. I move to the desert to kick back for a long deserved rest
  • Period: to

    Age 50-60

  • Did I Do That?

    Did I Do That?
    Okay, so it turns out that this kid i trained way back in my Master Cheif days has turned evil and is trying to take over the world. Luckily, his son, who he does not know about, is my next door neighbor. I will train his son in the way of the Jedi to defeat his evil father, who he does not know is his father.
  • Ouch

    So remember the father of my neighbor that is evil, the one that I trained? Well today he stabbed me with his lightsaber. Talk about pain, literally and figuratively. Luckilly I did not die, but mortally wounded I made my way to the jungle where I met up with my old master.
  • It's not so bad out here

    Well, a life in the jungle is much more peacefull than everything else I have done in my life. My old master, Yoda, keeps me company and we play chess and scrabble and the like. We also sometimes have competitions to see which of us can be lazier and use the force to do as much as possible. I think he won when he slept for three days straight. That is why he is the master I guess.
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    Age 60-70

  • Period: to

    Integrity vs. Despair

  • I'm a Grandfather!

    I'm a Grandfather!
    Today my daughter Sarah gave birth to sextuplets. I couldn't be any happier for her and her husband. There are three boys and three girls, and they all come to visit me and master Yoda from time to time.
  • Me and Yoda start a DayCare

    Me and Yoda start a DayCare
    My Grandkids have become inspired me to teach the youth of the world how to become Jedis. So Yoda and I have started a Jedi Daycare called Jedi Nights
  • I Pass the Torch

    I have lived a good long life and have decided to go exploring like I did in my youth. I give the DayCare to my daughter and begin on a final journey.
  • Period: to

    Age 70-80

  • I Journey to see the Elves

    I Journey to see the Elves
    I meet up with the wizard who i met in my youth and had him transport me to the land of the elves again. They had changed dramatically this time, and it was a welcome place to be.
  • My Grandson Comes to Visit Me

    My Grandson Comes to Visit Me
    Well, wouldnt you know it, the land of the elves needs saving again, but alas I am too old to do it this time. Luckilly, my second to youngest grandson was summoned by the wizard to save this realm. I give him the best advice I can, and maybe scare him half to death.
  • He Did It!

    He Did It!
    My second youngest grandson defeated the evil lord of the land and saved the earth! Like grandfather like grandson I always say. He lost my ring along the trip, but after all he went through I'm not going to give him a hard time about it.
  • Period: to

    Age 80-90

  • Well, it looks like this is the End

    Well, it looks like this is the End
    I have lived a long and illustrious life my friends. I have battled aliens, rescued princesses, and carried out high profile assassinations for various government agencies around the world. But I am finially headed to my place of eternal rest. The Elves have given me a ticket onto their ship of eternal awesomeness, or something like that. It will take me to the place of eternal happiness and cheer. I cant wait.
  • Still on the Boat

    This is a really long boat ride.
  • Arrived!

    Ok, so that was a really really really long boat ride. But good things come to those who wait. I embrace this next step of my eternal journey with gratitude my friends, and I hope to see you all here one day with me. :)