My life

Timeline created by roylopez
  • Birth

    i was brought into this world by my mommy and daddy!
  • Wrestling

    This was my first year of wrestling
  • Football

    this was my first year of football
  • High School

    I started my first year of high school.
  • Nationals

    i wrestled in Rocky Mountain Nationals in 2013 and i won. so i am a national champion!
  • Nephew

    My nephew was born and it was really cool to see him grow older!
  • Marcos de niza

    went to marcos my first year and a half at marcos de niza high school in tempe, az
  • Mesquite High school

    this was my first day at mesquite high school and it was really cool i just didnt know anybody!
  • Varsity

    this was my first year of varsity football and wrestling
  • Flow

    i started growing my hair around this time. and i dont plan on cutting it in a long time!
  • Nephew's first birthday

    This was my nephews first birthday and it was one of the fastest years of my life!
  • Mesquite football

    Started my first football season at mesquitye high school
  • Dunk

    First day i was able to dunk a basketball!
  • Awards

    found out that i was awrded First team all state, first team all-section, and first team all 24-7 sports in football for my junior year
  • Mesquite wrestling

    I am currently wrestling in my first season as a mesquite wildcat and i am 38-1 going into our sectional tournment