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  • Hemiparesis

    In this picture, I was walking on the beach and my parents realized there was something wrong with the way I was walking. At the age of 3, I was diagnosed with hemiparesis. It's a disease where your muscles are weak on one side of the body it affects the arms, legs, and facial muscles. In my case, it occurred on the right side of my body. I went to the doctor every other month and I had to get braces for my feet to allow me to walk straight. I also had to go to physical therapy for 7 years.
  • When I cracked my Head Open

    When I cracked my Head Open
    When you're 3 years you usually only remember images of events but this one I remember fully. The day started off with me and my brother eating pancakes but then it took an unfortunate turn of events. He and I started running around and I tripped on the carpet and I hit my forehead on the corner of the molding. My head started to bleed and I was rushed to the hospital but there was so much traffic that we had to call an ambulance. Then we finally arrived and I got 17 stitches in my forehead.
  • My Reading Delay

    My Reading Delay
    At the beginning of preschool, my teachers realized that I wasn't understanding words as fast as the others and that I was having difficulties sounding out words. They didn't realize that I had a reading delay until I got into kindergarten. I would be taken out of class and gone into a smaller one to practice sounding out words and then reading them in a sentence. It never really hit me I was different until they began to take me out of class to read and write separately from the other kids.
  • A New Member of the Family

    A New Member of the Family
    My dad picked me and my brother up from school one day. We walked in and saw a bunch of dog toys and we wondered why are those there. All of a sudden this little fuzzy ball came around the corner. She ran up to me and my brother, and my parents told us her name is Willow. She quickly became my best bud. She was a total surprise, my parents just saw her in the store and immediately fell in love with her and brought her home with them. She is the only one that I want to talk to when I'm upset.
  • My First Goal

    My First Goal
    I was one of those kids that didn't really care if they played soccer or not. I literally sat on the sideline picked the grass and made mud balls. But when I was in the game I did have fun though but I wasn't very coordinated. When I kicked the ball it didn't exactly go in the right direction. There was one time where everything went right and I scored my 1st goal and most likely the last goal because I quit the year after that. But after I scored my 1st goal I got ice cream and I was so happy.
  • Rhode Island Trip

    Rhode Island Trip
    I went on my 1st trip without parents with my friends. We were having much fun and but then we went on a hike. We decided to climb on the rocks, and we found this little pool between a bunch of rocks. I was the 1st one to go in, it was super slippery on the bottom of the pool. I started to slide and I tried to get back up but I couldn't and I slide right into a rock. My foot went under the rock and got all scarped up and my knee rammed right into it and got scraped and bruised, but I didn't cry.
  • When I Won the Triple C Award

    When I Won the Triple C Award
    At 8th grade graduation, I won the Triple C award, it stands for commitment, character, and courage. While I was sitting there and was thinking I am not going to win a big award. For some of the awards instead of just saying their name first, they described them. They got to this award and the person next to me was like they're describing you and I didn't believe them and I kept on saying no they're not. All of sudden I hear them saying, Hannah Furu. I got up and I couldn't stop smiling.
  • When I fell During the Beacon Game

    When I fell During the Beacon Game
    This was one of our 1st game of the season. This game was a scrimmage and everyone goes in to see who plays in the actual games. I played a lot in this game. My coach put me in for the last minutes of the game and we were winning. In the last few seconds, we were trying to waste time by just passing the ball around. In the play, we were running I had to run back and forth. But in the last second, I was running back to my spot and I tripped in front of a whole crowd I was completely embarrassed.
  • First Point on Varsity Basketball

    First Point on Varsity Basketball
    I wasn't the best basketball player so I didn't really play a lot in the games. Only when the team is winning or losing but a lot. In this game, we were losing by a lot but then we had a comeback and my coach put me in and the rest of the bench players. We stayed in for the rest of the game, which was around 5 minutes. The 1st few minutes weren't that eventful. But finally, we ran a play that was meant for me to score. I got the ball and I went for a layup and I scored for the 1st time.
  • First Time I Drove

    First Time I Drove
    The 1st time I drove, I drove around my complex it's only 1 big circle. I was driving my dad's car and he's a car fanatic and acts like it's his baby. I don't know why he let me drive for the first time in his car but I did. I was doing great, slowed down for the speed bumps, stopped at the stop signs, and did hands over hand on the left turns. But then it came to the point where I had to turn back on to my street which is a right, I forgot to turn the wheel and almost ran over a stop sign.
  • My First Job

    My First Job
    My first job was at AON physical therapy. I started off as a patient there for seven years, but now I am an employee there. I love it there I work with patients by helping with exercises and applying ice, heat, and stem to their injuries and people I work with are the best. This job allowed me to talk to new people and help figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. Since this job involves helping people who need help getting better, it helped me figure out that I want to be a nurse.